Thursday, April 23, 2020

Happy Thursday! I loved seeing so many of you during our class meeting yesterday. It made me so happy to see your smiling faces. I cannot wait until our next meeting on Monday at 3:00. Don’t forget to find something special you would like to share with us. 🙂

Double check to see if you are on track to finish all of your work by tomorrow. I know you can all be Super-Duper Star Students this week. 

iReady for 10 minutes today.  Clever

Go on Kids A-Z  and pick one book to read. When you finish the story, click on the ? to answer questions about the book.

Spelling – Take the pretest today.  Spelling City

Math – Watch the video for Module 4, Lesson 2.

Go on Zearn for 10 minutes today.

Social Studies–   Listen to the story As An Oak Tree Grows. Open the Google Slide below and answer the questions about the story in your journal. We will begin using Google Classroom next week to make it easier for you to share your answers with me.

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