Thursday, April 2, 2020

Happy Thursday! The weather is going to be really nice today, so try to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Double check to see if you are on track to finish all of your work by tomorrow. I know you can all be Super-Duper Star Students this week. 🙂

Morning Work – Complete page 134 today.  Morning Work

iReady Reading At-Home Activity Packet– Read Drip Drop Roots on Top on pages 28-34.   Answer the questions on page 25-36.  iReady Reading Packet 

Go on Kids A-Z for at least 15 minutes today.

Spelling – Pick one game to play today.  Spelling City

Math -Go on Zearn for 20 minutes today.

Writing– Write a BME (beginning, middle, end) of one of the books you read this week.

Science – Watch the video How Do They Make Silly Sounds in Cartoons?Write what you learned in your journal.

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