Teachers often ask . . .

Can I send students to work in the Graphics Lab?  The answer: A resounding YES! 

High School students are welcome with permission from their teacher/coach. Students have made dance tickets, copied school newspapers, Cerlox bound creative writing books, assembled placemats for banquets, and cheerleaders have die cut shapes to make posters and decorate lockers. Middle School & Elementary students are required to have teacher/parent supervision at all times.

A good thing:  The Graphics Lab is a wonderful place for students to learn process and cooperation!

The best thing:  Dearborn Schools staff & parents should be proud – students that come to the Graphics Lab have been industrious, creative, and the majority of them follow each Core Value to the letter!

Teachers should call ahead to make an appointment when sending groups of more than 3 or when sending students who need assistance from the Graphics Specialist! 

Can I Drop Off Copy Jobs?

box_with_foldersCAN I DROP OFF COPY JOBS? The answer: Yes! Save wear and tear on school staff AND the school copier. Both teachers and administrators can drop off copy jobs or send them through interschool mail to the Graphics Lab. Turn around time ranges from a couple of hours to a few days, depending on quantity needed and on copy machine traffic . . . and sometimes can be finished by the time your meeting in the ASC building is over. 🙂 Please be sure that all copyright approvals are in place before you bring the job in.

Cost for copies is 4¢ per side – which includes white, pastel colors, and punched paper. Adding a pastel color cover to a stapled packet is no extra charge and makes a great impact!

Call Carol for a cost estimate or to find out what the turn around time will be on your particular copy job.