New Full-color poster printer!

The Graphics Lab has a fantastic NEW piece of equipment! It’s a Variquest Perfecta 2400 Poster Printer that prints using 4 color ink jet technology. You can produce vibrant full-color posters in 3 sizes: Small 13″ x 19″, Medium 18″ x 24, or Large 24″ x 31″. Posters are printed on a heavyweight coated paper – not quite as thick as card stock. The posters laminate well and actually NEED to be laminated to be somewhat waterproof (ink jet inks are water soluble).

Images can be text, linear, solid, photographic, or any combination thereof. Original documents can be paper documents or electronic – a PDF sent via email or brought in on a thumb drive. Once you are satisfied with the first poster, you can set it to print a quantity of up to 99.

The new Poster Printer also includes a software package that is installed on a laptop computer which allows you to create customized, curriculum-based, visual instructional aids that are categorized by curriculum area. You are able to choose a template and change wording, graphics and fonts – then select poster size and send the document directly to the Poster Printer.

Cost of full-color posters is as follows: Small 13″ x 19″ is $2.50, Medium 18″ x 24″ is $3.50 , Large 24″ x 30″ is $4.50.

Technology has passed itself up as far as cost & FULL COLOR posters are actually about the same price to produce as the single color thermal ink posters that the Graphics Lab used to carry. We still have the old poster printer and will continue using it until we run out of the old thermal paper.

Questions? Call Carol at 827-3037

Black Ink Copying

Please pay close attention to whether an item has a copyright & read this:

Black ink copy cost is 4 cents per side for 8-1/2″ x 11″ at the Graphics Lab.

No extra charge for 3 hole punch, stapling is 25 cents for 100 staples.

No labor charge for making copies.

An additional 5 cents per sheet charge for 11″ x 17″ paper.

Hard copies can be dropped off -OR- sent through interschool mail.

PDF files, along with copying instructions, can be sent via email to:

Call Carol at 827-3063 for a quote on larger jobs & get permission from your principal before charging a print job to your school!

T-shirt Press

The Graphics Lab has a t-shirt press, but no longer has a color copier with the ability to make t-shirt transfers. However, if you have access to a Cricut machine -OR- an Ink Jet Printer (the district only supports LaserJet), then you can buy t-shirt transfers from Michael’s or Joann’s & print them on an Ink Jet Printer (rollers are low heat and won’t melt the transfers). There are two kinds of transfers: One for white t-shirts – image must be reverse printed (words look backwards) and then when it’s pressed onto t-shirt it looks correct. The other one is for dark t-shirts – image is printed regular (words are readable) and acts like a thin patch on the t-shirt. Bring printed transfers to the Graphics Lab to heat set onto t-shirts (bring your own shirts OR we have a bunch of white t-shirts ranging from $2 – $5 depending on size). No charge for using the heat press and it’s WAY easier than using an iron!

Fun Die Cut Bulletin Board Ideas

Both of these 5-6 minute videos are from the Ellison Education website:

Love the way she used photos! Simplify by doing just sand & sky since we have awesome cloud die cuts! She gets WAY too involved in making the kites – I would do this bulletin board on a slightly smaller scale, using 1/2 sheet size kids & a variety of 5″ die cuts for the kites . . . that way you can fit more staff/students on your board.

This would take a good bit of time to plan, but could be left up for quite awhile! There is also a great tip for keeping your bulletin board lettering straight . . . on any board.

The Badge-A-Minit Button Maker


Badges (also called buttons) are a great and inexpensive way to reward students or to sell for a fundraiser.  There are two sizes and each comes in Pin back or Magnet back for the same price:

Standard 2-1/4” badges are 50¢ each.

Large 3” badges are 65¢ each.

badgeaminitClick on these PDF links for badge templates: Small 2-1:4″ badges -OR- Large 3″ badges

Badge making is simple and quick – it takes less than a minute to make one. The Graphics Lab has 3 badge makers and 2 circle cutters to make Standard 2-1/4” badges and Large 3” badges. There is also a paper template for both sizes (see above) – so you can plan ahead for your club design OR have students color & decorate the right size personalized design. Full color originals can be run off on the color copier for 15 cents per sheet, which is only an additional 2.5 cents to 4 cents per badge!

The strong magnets stick to lockers & refrigerators and aren’t considered dangerous for younger children.  Make either style button for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day presents, for birthdays, for field trips, for clubs, and as a trade item in team competitions. The Graphics Lab has also loaned out the standard badge maker to Dearborn elementary schools for the students to make buttons during Literacy Night.

Stop by the Graphics Lab anytime to make a few badges . . . or to be inspired by the badge examples!

A Color Copier in the Graphics Lab!!!

The Graphics Lab has a Kyocera COLOR Copier that is here to stay. We have the best price in town with a charge of 15 cents per side for 8-1/2″ x 11″ Color Copies and 35 cents per side for 11″ x 17″ Color Copies . . . cash, check, or account number will be accepted for payment.

Here’s what the Color Copier can do:Kyocera color

  • copies photos or any full color image
  • enlarges & reduces
  • collates and staples
  • copies mixed originals (black or full color)
  • copies from the glass, directly from a flash drive, or when sent from my computer (i.e. an e-mail attachment)
  • paper size up to 11” x 17” (price 30¢ each)
  • copies onto photo stock or card stock (8¢ extra per sheet)

Personal items (like family photos or party invites) are OK to do – as long as they don’t break the          3 rules . . . nothing political, religious, or for personal gain (making money directly or through advertisement).  Now is your chance to gather up a bunch of stuff to color copy!

The Color Copier is only available for use when Carol is in the Graphics Lab.                     Questions? Call 827-3063.

Laminating items wider than 25″

laminatorSo you want to laminate something that is wider than the 25″ laminator??  All you have to do is fold the item in half and run it through the laminator.  When you trim it right to the edges, the item will “pop apart”.  Then, if you want the back side laminated, you fold the item in half again – but with the previous laminate back-to-back.  When you trim right to the edges, the item will “pop apart” again!  For edges that don’t come apart, use an X-Acto knife and gently cut just the laminate (not the item).  Also, be careful trimming the folded edge – you could end up with a “fisheye” hole.

The only down side to this method is that you will have a permanent fold seam down the middle of your item, so you won’t want to do this with “good” posters – but for maps or parade banners this is a great solution!

If you are a “hands on” learner or need a project laminated like this, just drop by the Graphics Lab . . . both laminators are always on!