Color Copier in the Graphics Lab!

The Graphics Lab has a Kyocera COLOR Copier. There is a charge of 15 cents per side for Color Copies (the BEST price in town!) and 4 cents per side for Black Ink Copies . . . cash, check, or account number will be accepted for payment.

Here’s what the Color Copier can do:Kyocera color

  • copies photos or any full color image
  • enlarges & reduces
  • collates and staples
  • copies mixed stacks of originals (all black ink or full color)     and charges are set accordingly
  • copies from the glass, directly from a flash drive (PDF), or when sent from a Graphics Lab computer (i.e. an e-mail attachment OR document from Dearborn Schools user desktop upon log-in)
  • paper size up to 11” x 17” (price 35¢ each)
  • non-shiny photo stock or card stock (8¢ extra per sheet)… or bring your own special paper,   but keep in mind that shiny surfaces do not fuse well!

Personal items (like family photos or party invites) are OK to do – as long as they don’t break                  the 3 rules… nothing political, religious, or for personal gain (making money directly or through advertisement).  Now is your chance to gather up a bunch of stuff to color copy!

The Color Copier is only available for use when Carol is in the Graphics Lab.                          Questions? Call 827-3063.


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