Fun recycled materials

A huge advocate of the cliché idiom “Waste not, want not”, all kinds of “waste” items are saved here in the Graphics Lab! The following are available for the taking:

  1. Lots of 12″ x 24″ pieces of the extra 1 foot tail of laminate that comes out before your laminated item. Teachers use these laminate scraps as throwaway glue & paint pile holders, as a backdrop for collage (let dry & peel off), for clear “windows” on projects, etc.
  2. Lots of super sturdy 24″ long tubes – 1″ core from the laminator, 2″ core from the poster printer. Teachers use these to store posters, for science projects, as armature for sculpture & puppetry, for parade banner sign ends, etc.
  3. Boxes and boxes of confetti – rectangles from the Cerlox punch machine, circles from the 3-hole punch on the copy machines. Confetti is not a friend of school custodians, however, when kept contained it has some good uses – such as hiding small items in a large box of confetti to help develop fine motor skills!


Stop by the Graphics Lab anytime to check out and/or pick up these freebie items!

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