Scholarship Guide 2022-23

This guide, put out by Infinite Scholars, provides useful information about scholarships, grants and financial aid. It also provides information about dozens of scholarships specific to this calendar year.


Going Merry

Search for scholarships and apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously.

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College Board’s scholarship, college search and career site.


An online resource in finding scholarships based on your strengths, interests and skills.

Scholarship Search

A scholarship search resource from Sallie Mae.


Add your achievements from as early as 9th grade to earn micro-scholarships from colleges you are interested in.

MI Scholarship Search

Michigan’s scholarship search self service tool.


Cirkled In Scholarship

Four scholarship deadline periods (Sept. 30, Dec. 31, Mar. 31, June 30); Award Amount $2,500.

UNIGO Shout It Out Scholarship

Deadline September 30, 2022; Award Amount $1,500

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship

Various Deadlines; Award Amount up to $25,000. Scholarship

Various Deadlines & Award Amounts. *Open to students who are actively caring for a senior citizen

AES Engineering

Deadline October 8, 2023; Award Amount: $500.00

Arab American Women’s Business Council (AAWBC) 

Deadline October 24, 2022; Award Amount: $1,000

Coca Cola Scholars Foundation

Deadline October 31, 2022; Award Amount: $20,000

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

Deadline November 17, 2022; Award Amount: $55,000

Burger King Scholars

Deadline December 15, 2022; Award Amount: $1,000-$50,000.

Equitable Excellence Scholarship

Deadline December 16, 2022; Award Amount: $2,500-$25,000.

Feldco Scholarship

Deadline December 16th, 2022; Award Amount $1,000.

MASFPS & NAFEPA Scholarships

Deadline January 11, 2023; Award Amounts: $500-$1500

5th/3rd Bank Finance Academy Scholarship

Deadline January 15, 2023; Award Amount: $2,500.

SET SEG Insurance Scholarship

Deadline March 17, 2023; Award Amount: $2,500

Dearborn PTA Scholarship

(2019); Award Amount $1,000.

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

Deadline January 11, 2023: Award Amount: $30,000

JFK scholarship

Deadline January 13, 2023; Award Amount up to $10,000.

Washington Crossing Foundation

Deadline January 15, 2023; Award Amount $500-$5,000.

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship & Internship

Deadline January 20, 2023; Award Amount $40,000 + Guaranteed Internship with Amazon (4 years)

Inkster Dove Scholarship

Deadline February 1, 2023; Various awards and amounts

The Coolidge Scholarship

Deadline February 23, 2023; Award Amount FULL RIDE. *Must be in your 2nd to last year of high school to apply (Juniors or 12th graders in an early college program).

Dearborn Rotary Scholarships

Deadline: February 1st, 2023

Past President’s Scholarship – Award Amount: $3,000

Hugh M. Archer Scholarship – Award Amount: $4,500 (2 awards given)

Lake Michigan Credit Union – Hutt Scholarships

Deadline January 31st annually; Award Amount $2,000.


Deadline January 31st annually; Award Amount: $2,500-$5,000 (potentially renewable). *Open to women pursuing a qualified technology degree

Card Scholarship

Deadline January 31st annually; Award Amount: $1,000

SME Education Foundation Scholarships

Deadline February 1st annually; Award Amount: Varies

Yale Bassett Award

Deadline February 1st Annually. ***Open to HS Juniors (12th grade Early/Middle College students)

U of M Club of Greater Detroit

Deadline February 10, 2023; Award Amount: $3,500 – $4,000. Must be accepted at UM Ann Arbor.

Rosa Parks Scholarship

Deadline March 1, 2022; Award Amount $2,000.

Lake Trust Scholarships

Deadline March 12, 2022: Award Amounts: Two Scholarships Available –  $5,000 for skills trade career focus; full tuition for Cleary University.

Community Foundation Scholarships

Deadline – Registration: Feb. 15, 2023; Application: March 15, 2023.

SAE/Ford STEM Scholarship

Deadline February 28, 2023; Award Amount: $5,000

Community Choice Foundation Scholarships

Deadline February 28, 2023; Award Amount: $5,000 (15 awards given)

Sparkling Ice Flavorful Futures Scholarship

Deadline March 1st, 2023; Award Amount: $5,000 (5 awards given)

NPC Centennial Scholarship

Deadline March 15, 2023; Award Amount: $2,000 (10 given); For female students only

Metro Bureau Scholarship

Deadline March 15, 2023; Award Amount: $1,500. *Must be enrolling at Oakland University, Wayne State University or WCCCD

Abbas Family Scholarship

Deadline March 19, 2023; Award Amount: $1,000-$2,500; For Fordson students only


Deadline March 30, 2022; Award Amount: Varies

HFC Scholarships

Continuing at HFC after high school? Check out these HFC scholarships! Deadline: March 31st each year.

Dearborn Education Foundation Scholarships

Deadline March 31, 2023; Various Award Amounts. *Available for Dearborn Schools students only! One scholarship specifically for Collegiate Academy students!!

Automotive Aftermarket Scholarships

Deadline March 31st annually. Various Awards & Scholarships. For students entering the automotive service industry.

Kelsey’s Law Scholarship

Deadline March 31st annually; Award amount up to $2,000.

ISNA Scholarships

Opens in April; Award Amount Varies.

Michigan Retailers Association Scholarship

Deadline April 1st annually; Award Amount: $3,500 (12 awards). Must work for or be child of parent who owns MRA member business.

ICES Bridging Cultures Scholarship – Essay Contest

Deadline April 1st, 2023; Award Amount: $4,000 (1st place). Open to 9-12 grade students.

Men’s College Scholarship

Deadline April 4th, 2023; Award Amount: $500-$1000 (75 awards given). For male high school seniors only.

Obeid Family Fund Scholarship

Deadline April 9, 2023; Award Amount Varies. For STEM students at specified universities.

Credit Union ONE Scholarship

Deadline April 15th annually. Must be a member of Credit Union ONE of Michigan.

ICA Scholarship Application

Deadline April 11, 2021; Award Amount: $1,000 (20 awarded).

Bill of Rights Institute

Deadline April 15, 2022 (Not available in 2022-23); Award Amount up to $7,500. Essay contest.

Bint Jebail CC Scholarship

Deadline April 17, 2020

Michigan Leadership Institute

Deadline May 1, 2023; Award Amount: $1,000

Junior League of Detroit

Deadline May 1st Annually; Award Amount: $1,000; *Only available for women.

B. Davis Scholarship

Deadline May 21, 2023; Award Amount: $1,000

Honors Graduation

Deadline May 28, 2023; Award Amount $10,000 (5 awards). Project-based competition.

Abbott & Fenner Scholarship

Deadline June 10, 2023; Award Amount $1,000. Open to juniors, seniors and current college students.

Cohen & Jeff Scholarship

Deadline June 15th annually; Award Amount: $2,500.

BigSun Scholarship

Deadline June 19th annually; Award Amount $500. Must have participated in high school sports.

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