Common App

Common App – Click the link to start your application!

If you are applying to any colleges using the Common Application, here are some things you should take note of:

  • You are applying as a FRESHMAN
  • Your GPA is calculated on a 5.0 scale
  • Your GPA is weighted
  • You are graduating with a HS Diploma, not an Associate’s Degree (you should let the admissions rep from the university know that you do have an associate’s degree, if you will earn one, but don’t put that on your Common App).
  • Only list credits that you have earned, not attempted.
  • Class Rank and Class Size
    • HFCA: use information from your 12th grade transcript
    • HFEC: see Mr. Gothro for class rank/size information
  • Early Action deadline is usually Nov. 1st.
  • Early Action vs. Early Decision
    • Early Action means you have submitted your application by the early action deadline, and will get a decision sooner than normal. If you are accepted to a school using Early Action, you may or may not decide to attend there
    • Early Decision applications are binding. You may only apply to one school using Early Decision, and if you get into that school, you must attend there.

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