Tuesday, June 9 – Activity & Nutrition

Physical Activity
The weather is heating up, so let’s have some fun with water! Today’s activity is fun to do with others – so grab some siblings, neighbors, or parents and get ready to get active…and wet!
Water Relay
You’ll needed: 2 buckets per team, 1 small towel or an old t-shirt

  1. Divide participants between two teams
  2. Fill one bucket with water for each team; place it at the beginning line where you’ll start the game
  3. Place the empty bucket at the end line, about 100 yards from your starting line. Mark the bucket with a fill line near the top.
  4. Place the towel or t-shirt in the full bucket of water
  5. On “go” the first person on each team will grab the soaked towel, run to the other side and wring it out into the empty bucket.
  6. When the water is deposited in the bucket, the participant will carry the towel/t-shirt back to the starting line and drops it back into the water bucket.
  7. The next person in line repeats the process. The first team to fill the empty bucket with water (to the fill line) is the winner!
    Nutrition and

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Here’s a riddle for you- what runs but never walks? If you guessed water, you are correct! As we have discussed these past 12 weeks, water is the healthiest way to stay hydrated – today we are pulling two of our most popular hydration tips that you can use all summer long!
Use our Wonderful Rainbow Water tips to liven up your water in multiple ways! Add:
RED: watermelon and/or strawberries
ORANGE: orange slices
YELLOW: lemon slices
GREEN: cucumbers slices
BLUE: blueberries
VIOLET: blackberries
RAINBOW: build a rainbow drink by adding any or all of the above options
Fruity Ice Cubes will keep you cool all summer
To Make:
• Choose your favorite fruit/s (canned, frozen, or fresh- canned pineapple, frozen berries or fresh oranges)
• Chop them into small pieces
• Drop into each cube of the ice tray
• Pour water over the fruit
• Freeze for six hours or overnight

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