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Ramadan Nutrition Ideas

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Idea #1

Handout: Word Scramble Activity
A healthy diet contains WHOLE grain carbohydrates which can sometimes be tricky to locate. One way to tell if a food is a whole grain is to look to see if the word “WHOLE” is on the food label. Some food packages may have a WHOLE grain stamp on the package instead that says, 100% of the food is made of whole grains. This week have your child check the food labels in your pantry to see how many of the carbohydrates they find say WHOLE or have a 100% whole grain stamps.

They can then compare the whole grains they found in your house to the ones listed in this Word Scramble Activity.

This week watch this video and make WHOLE WHEAT PITA BREAD recipe

Idea #2

Handout: Healthy Food Tracker
Build a Healthy Suhoor!
During Ramadan it is important to ensure that the Suhoor meal provides you and your family with balanced energy throughout the day. This week help your family build a healthy Suhoor meal by making sure that it includes at least 3 food groups- this will fuel everyone’s brain and body.

Try out our recipes this week as you build a healthy breakfast:
Prepare Oatmeal Cook an Omelet Build a Yogurt Parfait • Mix in berries • Top with nuts • Sprinkle on spice not sugar for flavor
• Add veggies (pepper or spinach) • Sprinkle in low fat cheese • Add a side of whole grain toast
• Start with low fat yogurt • Mix in berries or fruit • Top with low fat granola and nuts to fill you
For more ideas visit here:
Your family can use this worksheet to track your healthy eating all week long. Adapt it depending on who in your house is fasting!

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