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Thursday, April 29 – Activity & Nutrition

Physical Activity
Handout: Cardio Yoga Flow; ABC Workout of the Day
Today you will begin with yoga from Kids Work It Out. Then there is a great HIIT video designed for the whole family, and finally finish with our ABC Workout of the Day!

  1. Today’s Cardio Yoga Flow from Kids Work It Out, focuses not only exercising our hearts, but also demonstrates mindful breathing as a tool that can calm ourselves during stressful situations. (Time: 7:03)
  2. Now take advantage of a HIIT workout that is designed just for kids. Follow along to the prompts. You might need to add your own music to this one so we also gave you a couple of suggestions. (Time 7:24)
    • Hip Hop F.E.E.T from Hip Hop Public Health (Music Track 1)
    • Beautiful from Hip Hop Public Health (Music Track 2)
  3. Finish the day, with the ABC Workout of the Day. Instead of the site word sheet this week, spell out the word STRONG and PERSEVERE.
    ○ Check out the workout handout here: ABC Workout of the Day

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Today we’re going to discuss Vitamin C and its benefits. Vitamin C is very helpful in boosting your immune system. Did you also know that Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron, promotes wound healing and helps maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth.
As we try to build out healthy snacks this week, keep in mind the food below that will not only add variety to your family’s diet but will also provide a daily dose of Vitamin C.
Try one of these foods to get your daily dose of Vitamin C:
• citrus fruits, like oranges
• cantaloupe
• strawberries
• tomatoes
• broccoli
• cabbage
• kiwi fruit
• sweet red peppers
For creating snacks with more vitamin density check out 10 tips for kid-friendly veggie and fruit snacks! Also, find all the hidden food words in this word search!

Wednesday, April 29 – Activity & Nutrition (there’s ice cream involved…kinda)

Physical Activity
Today is International Dance Day! We are going to celebrate by dancing with Hip Hop Public Health. We will start out with learning some fun moves and then we will end with a great beat and message about washing your hands! If allowed by your guardians you can even post a video of your own on TikTok!

  1. Begin by learning the Dribble Bounce by Hip Hop Public Health (Time 2:28)
  2. Then, try out your skills by trying the Bounce moves (Time 7:24)
  3. If you really want to challenge your skills, check out this extended version of a Bounce dance (Time 12:07)
  4. Check out this 20 second or more video from Hip Hop Public Health (Time 3:29)
    ○ Once you see the video about washing your hands, think about how you could use some of your new moves that you learned and incorporate them into your own video about washing your hands. Participate in the #20secondsormore Challenge
    • As long as its ok with the adults in your life, join in on the fun with TikTok or Facebook and post your own using the 20 seconds or more song. Don’t forget to tag us! #healthykidsquarantined #20secondsormore #hiphoppublichealth
    • Check out examples of #20secondsormore videos on TikTok and Facebook

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Healthy Snack Hack: Banana ‘Nice’ Cream
Desserts mostly fall under the category of a “Whoa” food, or something that we only eat every once in a while. But not this banana ‘nice’ cream- try this healthy twist on an ice cream dessert!
• 2-3 ripe bananas (make sure they are ripe!)
• ¼ cup of milk (any type you like, our favorite is almond!)
• Pinch of salt
• Mix-ins of your choosing
Directions: Peel and cut bananas into big chunks. Put them in an airtight container or bag and freeze them. Once frozen, put all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until you get a soft-serve texture (adding more or less milk as needed). Serve immediately, or pop back into the freezer for 30 minutes to firm it up. There are so many options to customize this like your favorite ice cream flavor – see this site for lots of ideas!

Tuesday, April 28 – Activity & Nutrition

Physical Activity
Handout: Slow Yoga Flow
Today will take you through a range of physical activities that are fun for the whole family. Begin with a Slow Flow Yoga from Kids Work it Out, then have fun with a LesMills fitness workout. Finally, finish the day with a family walk!

  1. Today’s yoga, the Slow Yoga Flow, from the Kids Work It Out program. Today’s flow focuses on movement-based mindfulness which will teach you how to be calm and mindful while still moving!
    o (Time: 7:51 min)
  2. Our next video is a fitness workout with LesMills! It is created for kids with their Born to Move series. This fitness workout to music is called Meet Down in Africa.
    o (Time: 23 min)
  3. Finish today with a family walk:
    o Enjoy the weather (hopefully it’s a nice day) and take a family walk! Don’t forget to follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask if you need to!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Today we will focus on encouraging our children to CHOOSE water to drink when they are thirsty! But, sometimes you may find your family craving something different to drink like sweet and fizzy pop. Drinking pop can pack sugar into your diet, add hundreds of unnecessary calories to your daily intake, and causes cavities! For a great, fizzy treat, try this pop alternative:
• Start with your children’s favorite kind of juice – make sure it’s 100% juice with no added sugar (Try apple, cranberry, or grape)
• Add ¼ cup of juice into 1 cup of sparkling water
• Stir it well and drink it over ice
• This adds flavor and bubbles without the added sugar, while still giving you plenty of hydration
• Share your children’s creations and recipes by posting online, using #healthykidsquarantined Remember to stay hydrated!

Monday, April 27 – Activity & Nutrition

Today’s forecast is sunny & 67! Let’s get outside and play today. 🙂

Physical Activity
This week we will begin with the Victorious Flow with Go Noodle and then be active with a total body circuit that is designed for families to do together! End your physical activity time with a game of physical Activity Simon Says.
Victorious Yoga Flow with GoNoodle! (Time: 3:53min)
o This flow shows kids how to grow strength and confidence from inside themselves. It could help deal with nervousness or uneasiness that your kids might be experiencing.
Total body circuit for kids! (Time: 10:40min)
o This is a great way for your kids or your whole family to get your heart rate up and enjoy the benefits of moderate to vigorous physical activity.
Physical Activity Simon Says
o One person is “Simon” and goes through asking family members to do different physical activities such as running in place, jumping up and down, jumping jacks, etc. Of course if they do it without the phrase “Simon Says” in front then they are “out”. If someone gets “out” just have them march in place until the game starts over.
o Variation: If you use facetime or other video platforms, you could have your child do this with their friends or other family members.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Handout: MyPlate Snack Sheet
Healthy snacks give children energy between meals. Foods that fit into MyPlate food groups make great anytime snacks: fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and lean protein such as a handful of nuts. Use this SNACK acronym to help you and your children build healthy snacks:
Simple – easy to make

Nutritious – foods from MyPlate

Affordable & Available – you have them at your house or at school

Colorful – remember we want to eat a rainbow


This week try frozen grapes for a healthy and sweet snack you are sure to love! Frozen Grapes:

  1. Rinse grapes in cold water for 30 seconds
  2. Gently pull grapes from their stem and place on a clean kitchen towel
  3. Place all the rinsed grapes into a Ziploc bag and put the bag into the freezer
  4. Freeze the grapes for 8 hours

TGIF – April 24 – Activity & Nutrition

Physical Activity
Today will begin with yoga from Cosmic Kids. Then you can join KIDZ BOP, learn a new dance, and finish with learning how to juggle.

  1. RoboDog Yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga (Time: 11:49)
    ○ Start your day with a nice, calming yoga video that will stretch the body.
  2. KIDZ BOP Kids – If I Can’t Have You (Time: 3:45)
    ○ This is a fun dance video that will get the heart rate up.
  3. Finish the day with learning how to juggle using scarves (if you don’t have scarves you can use plastic bags or bandanas)
    ○ Check out this video to learn two scarves first:
    ○ Then check this three scarf video out:

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Healthy Smoothie Recipe (Creative Rainbow Smoothie)
Smoothies are a great way to encourage children to eat the rainbow. You can add fruit and veggies and even add in some ingredients that can provide plant-based protein and healthy fat.
Use our formula to be creative this week as you build a creative smoothie so that your child can eat across the rainbow!
● 1 cup milk
● 1/2 cup fresh or frozen fruit (ex: blueberries, strawberries, mango, apple, banana)
● 1/2 cup veggies fresh or frozen (ex: kale, spinach, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, sweet potato, beets)
● Add in plant protein and fat: hemp or chia seeds, nut butter, avocado
Print this mini poster for your fridge so you can practice smoothie building in the kitchen!
Add to the nutrition fun! Listen to You Are What You Eat from Hip Hop Public Health while you are making your smoothie! Don’t forget to share your smoothie creations by posting it online, using #healthykidsquarantined.

Thursday, April 23 – Activity & Nutrition

Physical Activity
Handout: Seated Spinal Yoga Flow
Today you will begin with yoga from Kids Work It Out. Then there is a great physical activity video designed for whole families to participate in together. After having fun with the family check out the scavenger hunt and calming of mind activity.

  1. Today’s yoga flow with Kids Work It Out is called “Seated Spinal Yoga.” It is important to stretch out your body, especially your spine. These stretches can even help you maintain good posture.
    o (Time: 9:51)
  2. Exercises for kids & parents to work out together (Time: 7:01)
    o This a fun workout video you can do with the whole family.
  3. Calming the Mind (Time: 5:45)
    o This is a calming meditation video to calm the mind and body.
  4. Scavenger Hunt – A scavenger hunt is all about finding items from a list in certain rooms or areas of the outdoors. The kids will love checking off each item found or collected on the list. (Examples: fruit, vegetable, toy, activity toy, leaf, crayon, pencil, piece of paper, cereal box, rock, etc.). This Good Housekeeping article has lots of ideas! o Variations – Make this activity into a treasure hunt. You’ll just need to write the clever hints to lead them to the next clue!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Last week you introduced vitamins and their importance to your children. Today we’re going to start looking at the benefits of individual vitamins and we will start with Vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for vision, helps strengthen our immune systems and makes bones strong
As we try to eat across the rainbow this week, also keep in mind the food below that will not only add variety to your family’s diet but will also provide a daily dose of Vitamin A:
• Sweet potato
• Kale, spinach, collard greens
• Squash
• Red peppers
• Cooked carrots
• Mango
• Cantaloupe
• Grapefruit
• Watermelon
• Salmon and Tuna

How Does Vitamin A Impact Your Acne Levels? | Vitagene

Wednesday, April 22 – Activity & Nutrition – Yoga & Dancing

Physical Activity
Today we will start off with a Jungle Safari with Cosmic Kids Yoga. Then we will learn a new dance shuffle with Kidz Bop. Finally, we end the activity session today with a calming video that stretches and rejuvenates the body.

  1. Jungle Safari with Cosmic Kids Yoga (Duration: 13:39)
    ○ Start your day with a nice, calming yoga video that will stretch the body.
  2. KIDZ BOP Kids – KIDZ BOP Shuffle (Duration: 4:31)
    ○ This is a fun dance video that will get the heart rate up.
  3. Crab Frenzy ○ Have your child walk like a crab by placing their palms and feet on the floor while raising their stomach up to face the sky. Staying in that pose, let them see how long they can balance and hold it. Then have them add something to their belly and give them places to transport the item around the house or yard.
  4. Calm Kids: Full Body Stretch (Duration: 7:37)
    ○ This is a calming video that stretches and rejuvenates the body.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Healthy Snacks – Dried Fruits!
Changing the texture of the fruit or vegetables is a great way to help children eat more variety of fruits. For today’s snack have your child try dried fruits! Grapes (raisins), mango, coconut, or bananas all come in dried options! They taste great on their own but you can also add them to many snacks. Add dried fruits to trail mix, yogurt and oatmeal, or put on celery with peanut butter. They are a healthy source of energy and fiber and are convenient to eat!

Try our Snack Recipe – Trail Mix with Dried Fruit!
1 cup of popcorn
1 cup of whole grain cheerios
¼ cup dried fruit of choice, raisins, craisins or any other dried fruits
Mix together and serve
BONUS: Happy Earth Day! Celebrate by checking out these Earth Day fruit and veggie tips
Healthy Foods For a Healthy Earth ; Lifestyle and Healthy Earth Decisions

Just a little something to hopefully make you smile…

Life has changed, but happiness still matters. When I am down, there are a few things that always cheer me up: 1. travel 2. family 3. sports (Lions & Spartans) — I’m sure your list is different, but just think of those things as you look at mine! Be happy! We’re in this together…

Tuesday, April 21 – Activity & Nutrition (We’ve got fruit and an appearance by Captain America!)

Physical Activity
Handouts: Strength Yoga Flow, ABC Workout of the Day
Today will take you through a range of physical activities that are fun for the whole family. Begin with a yoga strength flow from Kids Work it Out, then get your heart pumpin’ by participating in a fitness activity with Captain America! If you really want to challenge yourself today, use the ABC Workout of the Day to finish out your activity.

  1. Today’s yoga, the Strength Flow, from the Kids Work It Out program starts with an energizing ‘bunny breath’ exercise and then focuses on strengthening and stretching the legs, hips, and sides of the waist.
    o (Time: 4:41)
  2. Last week we worked out with the Avengers, but this week we are going to be physically activity with Captain America! So, grab your shield, check out this video, and follow along with the moves.
    o (Time: 5:02)
  3. Finish the day, with the ABC Workout of the Day. Instead of the site word sheet this week, spell out the word STRENGTH and HAPPINESS.
    o Check out the workout handout here: ABC Workout of the Day
Captain America (1990 film) - Wikipedia

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Did you know that many popular drinks like soda, sports drinks and even juice can have as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar added? Yikes! That much sugar is not good for our bodies or our teeth. Did you also know that water has zero sugar? This is what makes water our healthiest drink. But healthy does not need to be boring! There are many ways to flavor water and keep it fun. This week as we work to eat the rainbow, let’s also try to flavor our water using as a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Follow the schedule below to make your way across the rainbow.
• Tuesday: Add watermelon and/or strawberries

Strawberry Watermelon

• Wednesday: Add orange slices

Orange Slices On Plate Image

• Thursday: Add lemon slices

Lemon Slices Background Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free ...

• Friday: Add cucumbers slices

Cucumber Slices

• Saturday: Add blackberries and/or blueberries

Blueberries and Blackberries Images, Stock Photos & Vectors ...

• Sunday: Build a rainbow drink by adding any or all of the above

Detox Water Recipes : 14 Amazing Recipes To Make Today - Krazy Fit ...

To prepare your rainbow water:
• Fill one half of a pitcher with cold water and fruit/vegetable from above
• Let sit for at least two hours
• Enjoy your cold and healthy drink!
Feel free to share what your favorite berry infusion recipe is on social media! Make sure to use our handles listed above and add #HealthyKidsQuarantined.

Monday, April 20 – Activity & Nutrition

Physical Activity
Start your week off right today with some gentle yoga. Then, when you’re ready to get moving, try a KIDZ BOP dance – and play some balloon volleyball indoors or out! We’ve also included some calming stretches that are great for winding down.

  1. Yoga For Kids: Sun Salutations (Duration: 7:37)
    ○ Start your day with a nice, calming yoga video that will stretch the body.
  2. KIDZ BOP Kids – Best Day Of My Life (Duration: 4:12)
    ○ This is a fun dance video that will get the heart rate up.
  3. Balloon Volleyball ○ Make a net by tying a piece of yarn from one chair to another. Then use a balloon or beachball and start hitting the ball/balloon back and forth over the net! No net? No Problem! See how many times you can hit it in the air without it hitting the floor. For other fun activities to play with balloons, visit this website!
  4. Calming Exercises for Kids: Breathing and Stretching (Duration: 3:59)
    ○ This is a calming video that stretches and rejuvenates the body.
Balloon games - Great Grub Club

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Handout: (Eating the Rainbow Tracking Sheet)
Eating the rainbow ensures that you children are getting a variety of fruits and vegetables that keep their bodies healthy and strong. But sometimes fresh food isn’t always an option. Frozen produce is usually less expensive and you don’t have to worry about it spoiling before you get to eat it. Here are some of the best and most nutritious options to eat the frozen rainbow:
• berries and cherries are much more affordable when you buy them frozen. Use them in smoothies, use them in healthy desserts, add them to your favorite yogurt, or as a snack right out of the freezer!

The Superfruits: British-grown berries and cherries can boost ...

• green veggies, like broccoli, beans, edamame, brussel sprouts or asparagus are a great frozen option and are often easier to prepare than their fresh counterparts. Pop them in the microwave or sauté them for a nutritious side dish for dinner.

Recipe: Easy Way to Roast Brussels Sprouts & Asparagus – Diabetes ...

• cauliflower rice is a great substitute for white rice – it has the same texture and lots more health benefits. The frozen bagged option is inexpensive, easy, and lasts a while in your freezer.

Cauliflower shortages as extreme weather kills crops - BBC News

• chopped onion is a cheap, easy, and convenient way to add quick flavor to recipes without the watery eyes and chopping!

Chopped Onions - Cookidoo® – the official Thermomix® recipe platform

• mixed veggies are an easy addition to lots of meals – steam them or use them in soups, stews, curries, stir-fries, slow-cooker meals, and even casseroles.

BIG COUNTRY Mixed Veggies

To reinforce eating the rainbow with your child, check out this “Eat the Rainbow” song and video!
To keep track of how well your family eats across the rainbow this week use this tracking sheet.

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