The New Kilns are In Place and Operational!


Thank you for your support! 


New kilns and related equipment have been purchased & installed for the Art Department at Dearborn High School ensuring the seamless continuation of Ceramics and Sculpture classes which support the success of over 200 students per semester. DHS engineers and custodians worked in a timely fashion to install the new equipment; remarkably they had everything running within a few hours of the delivery. The smooth transition was made possible through the collaboration of  building engineers, the district electrician and product planning. This equipment will serve students for many years to come. We expect to achieve greater consistency in heating and cooling, increase energy efficiency, reduce repair costs, and maintain safety. Thanks to the generous support of the Dearborn Education Foundation, DHS was able to purchase one full kiln.  The other kiln replacement is partially made possible through an Art Equipment and Supplies Grant award with support from Michigan Youth Arts & the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs.

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