What’s Happening in Drawing and Painting?…& Advanced?

June 6th – June 14th: Students are encouraged to leave their phones in their lockers during exam time! Finish Strong!!!

On the 6th and 7th all classes will be preparing review sheets for the final exams, finishing pastel drawings and t-shirt prints, and finally taking exams the week of the 10th.

Eid Break

May 10th – May 31st:

An extremely busy time for our seniors: senior final exams and prep, Honors Night, a Meemic award, art show, storage clean out and more all coupled with a long weekend. Students are working on two projects- the surrealistic hand drawing and the printed t-shirt…the printing looks great but we’re finding it to be time consuming.

April 29 – May 10th: 5/3/19 Ends the card marking,  Superintendents Night  5/8/19, Needed: T-Shirt for printing on

Students are finishing their hand cut stencils and are beginning the printing process, printing original T-shirt designs.  Also, they will begin to study how to draw hands.

April 15th -April 26th:  Senior Picture Day Wednesday 4-17 & No School Friday, 4-19

Students will plan out ideas for screen printing using the hand cut stencil method. Some students will begin the cutting process this week. The District Wide Art Show is scheduled to open on Wednesday April 24th.

April 8th -April 12th:

Students will generate ideas for & make practice sketches for next year’s planner cover deign contest. The deadline is approaching. Also, students are encouraged to bring in art work for the Michigan Congressional Art Show themed “an artistic discovery”. Students that choose to participate in this competition must submit all paperwork and art work by Monday, April 15th. You can pick up copies of required paperwork from the art office, or an art teacher or follow the link to make your own copies. https://www.house.gov/content/educate/art_competition/

Best of Luck!

April 1st – 5th Enjoy Spring Break! See you on the 8th of April.

March 25th -March 29th:

Using the class rubric students will execute their final idea incorporating an unconventional art material or tool.  Final projects are due this week.

March 18th -March 22nd:

The students learned that an artist’s ideas for artworks are often derived from the artist’s life experience. Students will work collaboratively to develop a set of themes that are meaningful to them based on life experience. They will choose one idea to develop into three thumbnail sketches and set final goals which include two individualized learning targets.

March 11th -March 15th:

Students will explore drawing and painting with a variety of unconventional art tools, a couple examples of tools used include painting with sponges and feathers and drawing with ink droppers.

March 4th -March 8th:

Students will engage in a self and peer critique of their symbolic self portrait. All edits on this work is due Thursday.

February 25th -March 1st:  Senior Artist & MI Congressional contests are underway.

Students are editing and refining compositions in the form of thumbnail sketches for a symbolic self-portrait. Also, they are selecting their best idea and transferring it onto the good paper for a final rendition.

February 19th -22nd:

Students will work on ideas and compositions in the form of thumbnail sketches for a symbolic self-portrait. They will use flashlights to manipulate and exaggerate shadows that lend interest to the composition’s arrangement.

February 11th -13th:

Students will further develop final drafts through editing, self critique, peer & teacher critique, monitoring and adjusting details. The push is to attain something fantastic as the student incorporates their personal vision and voice.

February 4th -8th:

We start the course with a lesson called from ordinary to extraordinary. Students are asked to select an ordinary object, use direct observation to draw the object and draw the object from multiple viewpoints.  The still life drawing will transform into something fantastic as the student incorporates their personal vision and voice.

January 28th – February 1st:

This week the focus will be on the art principle Rhythm; students will be given a hand held object, a shell, and challenged to produce a composition that demonstrates rhythm.


Welcome to Drawing and Painting & Advanced Drawing and Painting for semester 2 of the 2018-2019 school year!