Because we are all learning from home, the easiest way to do this composition book is to make ONE Google doc and keep adding a new page every Friday so that ALL your pages are on ONE Google doc. The “book” is due June 5.


Or, if you are old school, you are welcome to write your pages in a notebook, but then you will have to take pics of your pages and e-mail ALL of the pages to me on June 5.


Read through all the examples of modern slang. Choose AT LEAST 5 and write interesting, creative sentences for those 5. More than 5 would be better, especially if you want full points. Please highlight the slang words in your sentences.

Examples of modern slang were posted on iBlog on Friday, May 1, 2020.


First – READ! Read the bottom half of the page.

Neatly copy the five sentences AND the web. Use words from the web to fill in the blanks of the sentences.

If you want FULL points, you must then add a new “pend/pens” word to the web and create a new sentence using that word. (7 total words and 6 total sentences)


Read Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of “HOLES” by Louis Sachar. You must read for 20 minutes. Please write your start time and stop time at the top of the page. After you finish reading, write a summary of Chapter 4 and a summary of Chapter 5.


Write about your plans for the Memorial Day holiday or the Eid holiday or BOTH! You must fill one full page – skipping lines is ok. If you are typing on Google docs, you still must fill one page (font size 14).


Write about the man, Harvey. H. Lowrey, and explain how our school got its name. FULL DIRECTIONS ON IBLOG – Friday, May 29, 2020.