page 1

Write about a job you would actually be GOOD at. Write three reasons why you’d be good at this job. After each reason, write a sentence to EXPLAIN the reason.

(seven total sentences)


page 2

Write about how your life is THE SAME as what’s happening in your library book, or write about how your life is DIFFERENT from what’s happening in your library book (or both). Give at least three examples. You should write at least a half page (if you skip lines).


page 3

Neatly copy the definition of rhyme from the ELA LIT book (page 556). Also copy the full poem: “Faults”. Make sure you color code the poem like the example in the ELA book.


page 4

You have three choices, but make sure you write a FULL page.

  • “My New Year’s Resolutions”
  • “What I Did on My Winter Break”
  • “What I Got for Christmas”

HINT: After you write the full page, go back and change the title to something more interesting. You will earn extra credit points if you do this.


page 5

ELA LIT BOOK page 490 “therm”

Neatly copy the five sentences and the web.

Fill in the blanks!

Then add one NEW “therm” word and sentence.



page 6

ELA LIT BOOK page 184 “point of view”

Neatly copy the Point of View chart from the bottom part of the page.


You don’t have to copy the examples, but if you do, you’ll earn higher points.