PAGE #1:

Write about every member of your family. Write a paragraph for each person. You must write at least one full page. DO NOT SKIP LINES! EXTRA CREDIT: Glue or tape a REAL picture of your family AFTER you finish the writing.

PAGE #2:

B+ Using EXTREMELY NEAT handwriting, copy your 7 quotes and connections from the ELA LIT BOOK page 38.

A+ Using EXTREMELY NEAT handwriting, write 7 NEW quotes and connections from page 39.

PAGE #3:

Carefully read the bottom of page 94 in the ELA LIT book.

Neatly write the five sentences and then fill in the blanks with the correct word from the web.

You must also draw the web.

If you want full points, you must add a sixth sentence and a sixth word to the web.

PAGE #4:

TITLE: “5 Great Things about Me”

Please write ONLY 5 paragraphs.  Skip a line after each paragraph.  Each paragraph should have a subheading.

PAGE #5:


Neatly copy 632.5. Use a little bit of RED just like they do in the book.

IF YOU REALLY REALLY WANT AN A+ … you must also copy 606.1.

PAGE #6:

C+ Neatly copy the fire flowers poetry.

B+ Create your own poetry but follow the same rhyme scheme.

A- Same as B+ but read it to the teacher.

A+ Same as B+ but MEMORIZE your whole poem then perform it.