Digital Learning Assignment for the week of 4.27 – 5.1.20

Hello STEM! This week all students will be exploring the musical skill of improvisation. They will research what improvisation and the genre of “Free Jazz” is, create their own short improvised piece of music, and answer a few reflection questions about their song. Songs should be 30-60 seconds long and uploaded to Google Classroom. This assignment is due by 5.1.20 at 2:30pm.

All office hours and Google Meet times are cancelled for this week. Please email Mrs. Hartrick if you need help with anything and I will assist students on an individual basis. A video explanation of this week’s assignment is also in Google Classroom.

Finally, if students haven’t created an account in Utheory yet they need to do that. The link is in this week’s assignment. No work needs to be completed, students just need to create an account.

Have a great week!

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