Moon and Stars Craft

Here is a link to a fun Moon and Stars Window Hanging Craft for Ramadan:

You will need scissors, a paper plate, tissue paper, glue, and paint/markers/crayons. Adults will likely have to cut out the crescent and star shapes, but younger hands should be able to help with all of the other steps!

  • Tearing tissue paper is a great way for students to practice using both of their hands, and it is a great hand strengthening activity as well.
  • Cutting the tissue paper is another great option to work on scissor skills.
  • Helping to hold and squeeze a glue bottle or paint bottle is a great way to strengthen hands and practice using both hands.
  • Coloring or painting the paper plate is a great way to practice using our “helper hand” to stabilize the plate while we paint or color with the dominant hand. This will also work on fine motor skills needed to grasp and manipulate a marker, crayon, or paint brush.

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