Kindergarteners must be able to recognize and write the numbers 0 through 30 and count to 100!!!



We will start with the numbers 1-10. Please practice writing and identifying these numbers at home. 

Here are some fun rhymes to help your child when practicing writing their numbers.
1- Straight line down and then we’re done, that’s the way to make a one!
2- Half a heart says, “I love you, then go back and that’s a two!
3- Around the tree, around the tree, that’s the way to make a three!
4- Down and over, down once more.  That’s the way to make a four.
5- The hat, the back, the belly it’s a five.  Watch out! It might really come alive!
6- Stick and a hoop do the tricks. That’s the way to make a six!
7- Across the sky and down from heaven. That’s the way to make a seven!
8- Make a S close the gate. Now you’ve made the number 8!
9- A loop and a line. Now you’ve made the number nine!
10- One (l) egg (0) laid by a hen. Now you’ve made the number ten!

Here is another fun game you can play at home!!!

Name That Number-

You will need a regular deck of cards.  Take out the face cards- Jack, Queen, King and the Ace.  Shuffle the rest of the cards and place them in a neat pile in the middle.  You turn over one card at a time.  Whoever says the number on the card first wins the card.  Play continues until all of the cards are gone.  Then each player counts how many cards they have to find the winner.  The player with the most cards wins!

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