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Your child needs to bring his or her own snack to eat, if they would like, each day.  The snack must be healthy!  Your child could bring: crackers, animal crackers, crackers with cheese, crackers with peanut butter, cut up vegetables (carrots, celery, etc…), or cut up fruits (apples, bananas, etc..).  If they bring in an unhealthy snack they will not be allowed to eat it.  If we happen to have a birthday in class and there is a special snack, then they will not eat the snack they brought to school.

PBIS Reward System (Discipline Plan)

Every month the students have the opportunity to earn a 30 minute reward for the good choices that they have made during the month.  If they do not make the appropriate choices then they do not get to participate in the 30 minute reward.  Every class has a behavior chart.  If a student makes a poor choice then they must flip their card.  The number of flips that a student has at the end of the month determines whether or not they get to participate in the reward activity.

Check your child’s calendar daily to see if they had to flip their card.  (It is located on the back of their homework folder.)  If there is no color they did not have to flip their card, they stayed on green.  If they had to flip their card there are different color levels.  Every time students make poor choices they must flip their card-  Yellow is the first flip, orange is the second flip, red is the third flip, and blue is the last flip.  Each day the students begin on green.  If your child had to flip their card take out the calendar and look on the back.  I have written a short reason why they had to flip their card.


Every month the number of flips that a student can have goes down by one.  As the year progresses we have even higher expectations for a student’s behavior.  As they are learning the rules, expectations, and routines at the beginning of the year they have more chances.

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