Students Wear Your 5th Grade Camp Shirt Tomorrow!!

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Don’t Forget To Wear Your BLUE Camp Shirt for our 5th Grade Picture Tomorrow!!!!




Mrs. Doner, Ed. S.



Stout Courtyard Concert and YOU are invited!!

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Parent and Students,


Feel free to stop by Stout this evening to enjoy some good music and see all the great things that are going on in the music department this evening.

6:00 start time!


Bring a lawn chair even if it is raining.  There will be lots of music, food, and fun.


Mr. Walters would love to see you attend!!!



Mrs. Doner, Ed. S.




Field Day Shirts!!!

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The orders for 2017 Field Day T-Shirts are due by this Thursday, May 25.  Shirts are $5 each.  This is a special order- no late additions, returns, re-orders, or exchanges!  There will not be extra shirts to purchase.  You do not have to order a shirt to participate.  Order forms should be returned to Ms. Zechar.  Thanks.  Hope to see you at Field Day 2017 on Friday, June 9!!!


Little Caesars Fundraising Pizza Kits!!

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Attention Snow School Parents and Guardians:


We appreciate all the selling of the Little Caesars Pizza Kits you have done thus far! Please continue to sell those kits through the weekend.  We are going to have to shorten our sale of the kits by approximately a week in order to ensure our delivery date in early June.  So please Sell! Sell! Sell! over the weekend and turn in your orders and money (checks made out to Snow School) to Mrs. Doner in room 2 no later than TUESDAY, MAY 23rd.


We appreciate your support,

TEAM 5th Grade


Community Give Back!!!

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Sunny and warm weather is here! As part of Snow Elementary Leader In Me Program, we are asking you, our fabulous students, to reach out in our community to help others.  If you’d like to be a part of the May Plant-Up Club, simply volunteer to help plant-up a neighbor’s, relative’s or your very own yard.  “Plant-up” could include helping plant flowers, vegetables, or preparing garden beds for future flowers and veggies.  Please be sure to have a parent with you and get permission of the community member before planting up.  You are giving back to the community, so please offer to do this free of cost.


Each time you help “plant-up” someone’s yard, write the date and color a square on the chart given to you by your classroom teacher. Once you have helped 5 times in the community, please return this chart to Ms. Krawczyk, Mrs. Bush or Mrs. Grizzell for acknowledgement of your leadership and kindness.

A special thank you to all students who have helped so far: Aasim M., Farah F., Zoe D., Hasan, Kayla J., Ahmad J., Molly S., Ryan R. and Ahmad A.


Instrumental Concert This Evening! Reminder!

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Parents this is your opportunity to see your children perform and all the hard work they have put in.
 Just a reminder that:
Date: Today, May 11
Student Dress Rehearsal: 6:00 p.m.
Doors open: 6:45 p.m.
Location: Edsel Ford High School, gym

The Guest List: All students, families, friends, uncles, aunts, third cousins, teachers, etc. Come on down!
We look forward to a “Snow Only” concert as well –
Date: Tuesday, June 6
Students arrive: 6:00 p.m.
Concert: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Snow Elementary School Gym/Stage
Thank you for supporting the arts!!!
Ms. Oren and Mrs. Doner 🙂


Summer Learning!!

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Summer Learning: Math and Literacy


Dear Parent/Guardian,

      According to Johns Hopkins University, the effects of summer learning loss can result in nearly a three-month loss in grade-level equivalency in math and a two-month loss in grade-level equivalency in reading.  In order to close the summer learning loss gap in reading and math, middle school students will be  expected to complete Summer Learning before they return in the fall.  Teachers will grade the completed summer work when school opens in September.  Below are the expectations for math and literacy.  Thank you so much for supporting your child’s development through summer learning.



  • Complete 60 minutes of Khan Academy a week, based on their NWEA level.
  • Students need to access Khan through Clever from the Dearborn Schools Student page.




  • Read 3 books of your choice and genre
  • Prepare one book talk to be presented in September
  • Complete a combined 60 minutes of MobyMax a week in Vocabulary, Language, and Reading Skills Literature
  • Students need to access MobyMax through Clever from the Dearborn Schools Student page.



Below is the grade breakdown by minutes for each subject area: Math (Khan) and ELA (MobyMax).

480+ minutes    A                 

384 – 479           B                  

336 – 383           C       

288 – 335           D


Please sign and return the bottom portion  to your child’s teacher


I understand the summer learning requirements for my child and that these assignments will  graded in both math and language arts.


Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________________________

Date ________________________


الدورة الصيفية : الرياضيات و اللغة الانكليزية


أولياء الأمور و الأوصياء الأعزاء:

بناء على دراسة لجامعة جون هوبكنز إن  الانقطاع عن الدراسة خلال الصيف  قد يسفر عن تراجع الطالب بما يعادل فترة زمنية قد تصل إلى الثلاثة  أشهر تقريبا من فترة الدراسة العادية في مادة الرياضيات، و الشهرين في مادة القراءة. من أجل التخلص من هذه الفجوة التعليمية التي من الممكن أن تنشأ عن حلول فصل الصيف في القراءة والرياضيات، يتوقع من طلاب المرحلة الاعدادية إكمال واجبات بيتية صيفية  قبل عودتهم إلى المدرسة العام القادم وسيتم تصحيح وإعطاء علامات عن هذه الواجبات من قبل المعلمين عند بداية العام الدراسي في شهر أيلول القادم. في ما يلي توقعاتنا في مادة الرياضيات و القراءة. شكراً لكم على دعمكم ومساندتكم لأبنائكم في إكمال  الواجبات الصيفية .



  • إكمال  60 دقيقة اسبوعياً في التمرن على مهارات مادة الرياضيات على موقع أكاديمية خان بناءاً على مستواهم في  امتحانات ال NWEA.
  • على الطلاب الدخول على موقع خان عبر الصفحة الرئيسية لمدارس ديربورن الرسمية / صفحة الطلاب. لا تقوموا بتسجيل الدخول من صفحة الطالب الخاصة.

اللغة الانكليزية:

  •  قراءة  كتب من أختيارك
  • تجهيز عرض تقديمي مكتوب لتقديمه في شهر أيلول.
  •    أكمل 60 دقيقة من العمل على موقع موبي ماكس أسبوعياً ، المفردات، اللغة، القراءة، مهارات آداب اللغة.
  • يجب أن يدخل الطالب على موقع موبي ماكس عبر كليفر من الصفحة الرئيسية لمدارس ديربورن الرسمية لا تقوموا بتسجيل الدخول من صفحة الطالب الخاصة.


اليكم فيما يلي توزيع العلامات لكل دقيقة في كل مادة : الرياضيات ( خان) اللغة ( موبي ماكس)

       480 دقيقة و أكثر  = أ

479-384 دقيقة = ب

383-336 دقيقة = س

335-288 دقيقة = د                  

نرجو منكم التوقيع على هذا الجزء و إعادته إلى معلم/ـة الطفل

أتفهم طبيعة الواجبات البيتية الصيفية المطلوبة من ابني/ ابني وأنه سيتم إعطاءه/ها علامات عليها في الرياضيات و اللغة.

توقيع ولي الأمر / الوصي القانوني: _____________________________________

التاريخ: ____________________________________


Thank You! Thank You!

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Dear Parents and Students,

This truly was such a special Teacher Appreciation Week!  I was very touched by all the kind words and AMAZING treats and gifts.  Thank you all for making my job so rewarding!



Mrs. Doner 🙂




We Need Drivers For the Rogue River Trip Next Week!

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Dear Parents,

We do not have a bus for our Rouge River Water Festival Trip next week.  We were relying on parent drivers for this trip. If you can help in driving that would be most helpful(just driving us there and back to U of M Dearborn).  You must have a background check on file and have to bring in your drivers license and proof of insurance and registration to drive.


If we do not have enough drivers we might have to cancel the trip and we do not want to do that, it is a good one to go to!



Mrs. Doner, Ed.S.


Reminder for 5th Grade Basket “Summer Time Fun”!

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If you can contribute an item or two for our 5th grade basket for the Snow School Carnival that would be wonderful!!  Lots of things would make our basket complete: sidewalk chalk, goggles, beach towels, beach balls, fun summer games, jump ropes, floaties, rafts, mini-pool, sunblock, sunglasses, water squirters, noodles, water games, cooler, frisbee, and bug spray!  Be creative, we need your help to make our basket the best!!!


Thanks for all you do,

Mrs. Doner, Ed. S.

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