Happy Summer 7th Grade!!

Although this year did not end how any of us expected it to, we thank you for hanging in there and giving it your best and being flexible as we adjusted to on-line learning. We know that was not easy and we can say after today that “WE DID IT!!!” Enjoy your summer!

I know I had many parents asking about the summer learning for their 7th grader and here is the ELA information for your soon to be 8th grade students for this summer:

8th Grade Summer Learning Expectations:

  • Students MUST enroll in the 8th grade Summer Reading Google-Classroom where all materials can be found.  Enrollment code:  zyxt4ec
  • Students MUST  read 2 books from the assigned list (APPROVAL MAY BE GRANTED FOR ONE ALTERNATE BOOK- Complete the Alternate Book Form and receive approval prior to reading) . 
  • Commit to the two books by June 26th.
  • Book 1 will be read by July 26th and 1st Summer Reading form filled out.
  • Book 2 will be read August 26th and 2nd Summer Reading form filled out.
  • A  book presentation will be required in September. Details will be discussed in class!

                                   Happy Reading!!!! Ms. Corriveau and Ms. Lessel

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