Marvelous Monday!!

The assignment for week 6 has been posted on Google Classroom along with a video on Plagiarism. Please read pages 106-136 of the PDF or pages 205-270 of the book. Your assignment is due on Friday, May 29th at 11:00 pm. Make sure to follow the instruction given in providing a thorough response.  Note that points will be deducted for late work. 

We are posting the assignment without giving you individual access (in view mode only) because we want you to create a document to answer the questions without the questions being there.  Title your document Week 6 Legend .  So, we expect you to submit just the answers for  questions 1 & 2.  Please DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS – just respond to the questions in a new document to submit onto Google Classroom and then upload to turnitin.  

A few of you did not submit Week 4 and Week 5 homework onto  Note that you will not get credit if you don’t submit your assignments to both. 

Do not copy. Do not plagiarize. You will receive a zero for any plagiarized work. You will be able to complete an alternate assignment for 50% of the grade and no more than that. 

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