Super Sunday!!!

The assignment for week 5 has been posted on Google Classroom along with a video to support your learning. Please read pages 86-105 of the PDF or pages 163-204 for the book. Your assignment is due on Thursday, May 21st at 11:00 pm. (This is a day earlier than it normally is!) Make sure to follow the instruction given in providing textual evidence for each response.You will also be receiving grades for week 4 assignments. We have noticed a lot of plagiarism and the sharing of answers over the last few weeks. If you copy or share your answers, you will receive a zero, your parents will be notified and you will be given a new assignment. If you are given a new assignment for cheating, you will not be able to receive full credit.For week 5, you will be submitting your work on . Your classroom code and your enrollment key will be sent through a mass email. It will allow you to upload directly from Google Drive. FYI, your assignment will be compared to information on the internet and to all work submitted by any 7th grade ELA student worldwide. Do not copy. Do not plagiarize. You will receive a zero for any plagiarized work. You will be able to complete an alternate assignment for 50%.

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