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Welcome to Week 2 of your Legend Assignment. Your assignment for this week has been posted in Google Classroom along with a video to support your learning. Please make sure you are reading Chapters 5-8 Pgs. 50-89 (PDF 34-52) and then responding to your questions. Your responses are due on Friday, May 1st at 11:00 PM. Please make sure you are using textual evidence in your answers.


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****** NOTE: 8:30 pm I am happy to announce that chapters 1-4 audio are posted on my Google Classroom. Enjoy this story it is a good one!! Looking forward to reading your responses to the story. Remember the questions are due at 11:00pm tomorrow evening.

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Students for 7th Grade ELA we are aware that the audio is no longer available on YouTube. We are working on getting another copy of an audio for you. Please be patient and we will let you know when the problem is resolved. However, you can always read on your own even without the audio.

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Super Sunday! Legend by Marie Lu Reading Schedule

“Legend” By Marie Lu Reading Schedule (8 Week Schedule)

Accessing the novel online:

A PDF version of the novel can be found at the below link for your reading:

To access the audiobook follow the link on youtube: or look up Legend by Marie Lu Audio.  However, note that the recording is out of order so you must scroll down the Youtube page to see the below and follow the order.  Start with 5:48:00. You must keep track of where you leave off with time:

blu wamazing1 year ago (edited)

5:48:00 – Page 1 then

3:32:25 – P 81 then

1:12:20 – p 174 then

0:00:00 – p 260 then

We suggest you follow along in the PDF as you are listening for better comprehension.  We also suggest you take notes. We will provide a double entry journal as a way to take notes if you would like to.  This will help you organize your thoughts but are not mandatory. This is for you only. Note down any questions you may have so that you can discuss with peers and teacher during Google Hangout sessions. 

Your final week assignment: (For the week of June 8 which is due June 10) your final assignment is to choose the 5 most powerful/impactful passages from the novel and explain what each means/reveals and why it is such a powerful passage in this novel.  Why did you pick this passage and what does it say to you? This could include imagery, passages that help develop characterization, plot, conflict, symbolism, etc. To make this assignment simpler for you, as you read, jot down those passages that you feel are VERY POWERFUL.  When you begin to work on this assignment in the last week, you will have collected all the passages.  

Weekly Assignments:  On a weekly basis,  you will be assigned a certain number of PDF pages to read and a corresponding assignment.  Some will entail short answer questions while others will be more extensive. We will provide clear instructions and examples of what we expect every Sunday.  Please note that we expect thorough responses with textual evidence and analysis. WE WILL CONTINUE TO SEND YOU AN EMAIL ON SUNDAY OF EVERY WEEK AND UPDATE THE BLOG BUT YOU WILL COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENTS ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM AND SUBMIT WORK BY NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, 11 p.m. 

Google Hangouts:  On a weekly basis, your teacher will schedule a Monday Google Hangout Session so that s/he can discuss the reading and the weekly assignment. On Thursday, a Google Hangout will be schedule for those students who need additional support. Please follow protocol when joining the chat. Microphones should be muted unless instructed otherwise by your teacher.  

Academic Honesty:  We expect you to uphold the highest level of integrity with your academic work.  You are to do your own work and present your own thinking. Note that plagarism (presenting the work of others as your own) will result in a zero.  Do not copy work from the internet, not even a phrase, from you friends, or allow anyone to copy your answers as their own.    

Reading & Assignment Schedule 

WeekPages to be ReadAssignment (Will be posted on Google Classroom to be completed and Submitted by Sunday of that week)
April 20, 2020PDF pages 9-33Short answer responses
April 27, 2020 PDF pages 34-52Constructive response 
May 4, 2020 PDF pages 53-72Short answer responses
May 11, 2020PDF pages 73-85 (up to End of Part 1)Constructive response 
May 18, 2020 PDF pages 86-105Short answer responses
May 25, 2020 PDF pages 106-127Constructive response 
June 1, 2020PDF pages 128-144Short answer responses  
June 8, 2020 (Assignment Due June 10th)PDF pages 145-154Choose the 5 most powerful/impactful passages from the novel and explain what each means/reveals and why it is such a powerful passage in this novel.  This could include imagery, passages that help develop characterization, plot, conflict, etc. An example will be provided when assignment is posted on Google Classroom. 

“Legend” is the first in a four-book series of dystopian* young adult novels by Marie Lu. The book was published in 2011 and explores the intersecting stories of two teens – June, a military prodigy, and Day, the country’s most wanted criminal – in a police state located in what was once the Western U.S.   

*A dystopia is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is translated as “bad place” and is an antonym of utopia.  

For more information on the term, dystopia, refer to your NewsELA article from the week of April 13, 2020.

“Legend” Information


Young Adult Fiction, Dystopian

Setting and Context:

Los Angeles, California, Republic of America, Futuristic 

Narrator and Point of View:

Legend is told from two different points of view. The narration alternates between June and Day, our central characters.

Tone and Mood

Somber, thrilling, revolutionary

“Legend”  Character List


An intelligent, agile fifteen-year-old criminal. He failed his Trial five years before, but escaped the lab where he was taken for testing. At the beginning of the novel, he lives on the streets with his friend Tess and steals to help his family and other poor people. Day’s real name is Daniel Altan Wing.

June Iparis

A fifteen-year-old prodigy who attends Drake University, the Republic’s most prestigious military training school. She is the only person ever to have achieved a perfect score on her Trial. At the beginning of Legend, she lives with her brother Metias, who has taken care of her since their parents died in a car accident. She looks forward to a career in the military. 


A thirteen-year-old orphan that Day took under his wing a few years before the start of the novel. She helps him scavenge and steal, but she is a better healer than she is a criminal.


Day’s nineteen-year-old brother. John works with the friction stoves in the neighborhood energy plant. He is the only member of Day’s family who knows that he is still alive.


Day’s nine-year-old brother, who has a knack for inventing. Eden falls ill with a mutated version of the plague.


Day’s courageous, resourceful mother.

Metias Iparis

June’s protective brother and a captain in the Republic. He keeps analog journals and photos out of deference to the old ways of his parents. 


Metias’s disciplined, formal driver. 

Commander Jameson

Metias’s sadistic former commander. 


June’s beloved, white shepherd dog.


A Republic official who administers the Trial. He was also Metias’s first mentor. 


A flirtatious bartender and accomplished Skiz fighter. It is revealed later that she is a member of the Patriots.

The Elector Primo

The dictator of the Republic.


The Elector Primo’s handsome son. He is twenty years old and plans to run for his father’s position next year.

Emerson Adam Graham

A Colonies spy who is captured by the Republic.


A student at Drake who has a crush on June.

Arisna Whitaker

The dean secretary of Drake University. She is constantly exasperated with June.

“Legend” Glossary


Able to use both hands


From a 17th-century art form, a style characterized mostly by extravagance or opulence


The military sector of Los Angeles


A slang slur used by Day and others in Batalla in reference to the poor


A tight garment that women wear, usually under a dress, to smooth and alter their figure


A term of endearment used to address someone you hold dear or a person who whose name you don’t know, someone you are trying to connect with


To remove, often violently


A slang term that Day and other Lake sector citizens use – it seems to be a replacement for “goddamn” or other similar swear words


A wheeled stretcher


The handle of a sword or dagger




A formal ceremony that brings a person into a group


The colored part of the eye that surrounds the pupil


A ragged wound




A barrier used to keep a river or lake from overflowing


A person who takes part in an armed conflict for personal gain, often money, rather than a cause


Dull; everyday


The Republic’s currency


Mandatory; required

Patient Zero

The first person to be infected with a particular disease


A piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn around the neck


A laboratory tool used to transfer liquid


A Diseases characterized by fever or delirium and sometimes infection of the lungs




A person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities, unusually impressive.


To criticize sharply; reprimand




To draw liquid from a one vessel into another using a tube

Skiz Fight

A street fight that onlookers bet on


A large number of something


Quiet; depressed


Using few words


An exam that Republic children must take at age ten that determines the rest of their life


A slang word used by Day, similar to “jerk” with classist overtones



Marvelous Monday!

April 13, 2020 

Dear Parents and Students, 

We hope all is going well with you and your families. We also hope you have had the opportunity to watch the video we shared with you from our Bryant staff.  If not, please make sure you visit   We truly miss all of you and hope that things are going well.  Make sure you take the time to find the blessings around you and be thankful for the things you have.  

As we move into this 4th week of Remote Learning, we wanted to provide updates for this week and what to expect in the upcoming weeks.   

For this week, April 13th, students will complete Skill X on IXL with a required 80% Smart Score.  Their article on NewsELA for this week, The Appeal of Dystopian Novels for Teens,  will be a great lead into our 7th Grade novel, “Legend” by Marie Lu.  

We will begin reading, “Legend” by Marie Lu the week of the 20th and continue with it until the end of the school year.  We will provide a reading schedule, background information, and fundamental information for your success. Note that we will also provide an online PDF version of the novel along with a link to the audiobook on Youtube.    If you are interested in ordering the novel, you may do so; however, we are not sure if book stores will be able to fulfill many orders of the novel at this time. For that reason, you will all have access to the online version.  

Additional information on the novel and our plan will come your way on Monday, April 20th.  Please make sure that when you get that email, you read it thoroughly so as to avoid any confusion.  

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions and concerns.  

Be safe, 

7th Grade ELA Team

Thankful Thursday!

I hope this message finds all my families safe and in good health! Please remember to take good care of yourselves and each other.

The Bryant Staff Misses You!

Please enjoy the video that the staff has put together for you…

Missing you,

Mrs. Doner

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April 3, 2020

Dear Parents and Students, 

We hope this message finds you and your family doing well.  It is an unusual and unpredictable time for all of us, but we hope you are making the most of your time at home.  As you may already know, the Governor announced yesterday that schools will not resume for the remainder of the school year.  This may be the best decision for our health and well being; however, this means that we may not have the opportunity to see each other in person for a while.  Our communication with you will continue through email and the blog. If you have questions, concerns, or just need to reach out to us, please feel free to send an email. 

We have just finished our first three weeks of enrichment activities.  Next week is Spring break, so we urge you to get some rest and get caught up on any enrichment activities you may not have completed.  We will communicate with you on Monday, April 13th to update you on the direction moving forward.  

We miss your smiling faces! 

Stay safe and healthy, 

The 7th Grade ELA Teachers

Thankful Tuesday!

ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITY (Not required but suggested if you have time this week) Week 3 – March 30 – April 3:

  • IXL: Letter D. Skills 1-4. 
    • Complete with Smart Score of 80% or higher
  • News ELA: No Check Out Needed: Amazon Opens Cashier-less Grocery Store
    • Complete ALL annotations (See News ELA annotating directions at the bottom of the page)

Directions for Annotations

  1.  Find the lexile closest to yours. 
  2. Read the article at least 2 times. 
  3. While reading you will annotate: 

Thoughtful Thursday!

Happy Thursday to all my students and parents,

I hope this email finds everyone well. I miss seeing your smiling faces everyday in my classroom. I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the end of the 3rd card marking. I have been encouraging all of you to check your student or parent connect to see the things you are missing and submit the work that you are making up. I have been answering emails, viewing assignments and putting in grades as quickly as I possibly can so everything stays up to date for my families. Just to clarify: there is only 5 SSR forms for this card marking, so if you have completed them all then no additional work for the SSR forms is necessary. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will get back with you just as soon as I can.

The assignments that I posted on Friday, March 13th for last week, this week and next week are enrichment opportunities for you (they are IXL and NewsELA articles). They will not be included in my grading for this card marking .

I hope that clarifies things and I look forward (fingers crossed) to seeing you soon,

Mrs. Doner