Homevisits and a few other reminders…

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  • No School  next week – May 22 – May 29, 2017.  We will be completing our second home visits with all families, as well as registering next year’s students for GSRP. We look forward to visiting with you.
  • Also Memorial weekend is coming up so we will see you back at school on Tuesday May 30, 2017.
  • Our field trip to UM – D Pond Study is on Thursday June 1st – I have attached a link to the Environmental Interpretative Center which will give you more information, as well as directions. We will also talk more about this on the home visit!

field trip location

Pond Study Page

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Dara is AMAZING!!

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Parents please share these pictures with your children of one of their teachers! Mrs. Dara is in Nashville this weekend running a half marathon! This is extra special for her because it is for the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital which benefits so many children in need, and it was something she had on her bucket list for awhile now. She said it was a difficult race because it was so hot … it was 75 degrees at 5:30 in the morning!! But of course she did it!! Her next planned full marathon is in New York City!!



Critters Visit Cotter!!

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We had special guests in our school on Monday and our room got to host them!! Mr. Paul (a.k.a “the critter guy”) brought a few of his ‘friends’ to our classroom… he brought a chinchilla, a lizard, a snake, a bird and a tree frog! We also had some other classrooms from Cotter join us! This was a huge hit! It was wonderful to see how much the children enjoyed this presentation. Mr. Paul was very patient and understood preschool excitement! He reminded students to not scare the animals with loud noises and if the children did not want to touch the animals it was ok. But if they did he encouraged them and boy did they enjoy it!! Some children were more interested in touching the animals than others… 🙂 but everyone seemed to enjoy seeing these critters in our classroom! Here are some pictures… enjoy!


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We kicked off March is Reading Month last week with our theme being “Under the Sea”

Mrs. Chocol read, The Rainbow Fish to all students in the gym! After listening to the story we all danced to a new favorite for our students and it’s called “Baby Shark.” Here is the video that goes with the song. I’m sure many of you heard your children sing this at home. It’s one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head!

Baby Shark

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Please remember to sign up to read to our class sometime this month. There is a sign up sheet and we welcome all families to read a story, tell a story, or even sing a story!


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Parents please remember that tomorrow is our monthly parent meeting. We have a local dentist coming to speak to us about dental health and will be giving us goodie bags to take home!

Please be sure to be here on time as the dentist will start our parent meeting at 9am.

We recognize and appreciate the value in home – school connections. Please continue to show your children that you value their education by participating in activities at their school and learning with them!

Thank You.

Mrs. Mazzei and Mrs. Dara

A reminder for all of us…

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This is something we discussed at our parent meeting.

Recent research has shown the importance of  nature for a person’s social, emotional and physical well being. We also understand how important technology has become in our lives!

We need to be sure we are teaching our children to have balance in their lives. Limiting children’s use of video games, ipads, iphones, t.v.,etc. is essential in helping their overall development, and to appreciate the benefits nature has for all of us!

nature and technology