Miller Picture Day Mon Oct. 16

Whitmore Bolles

PJ Day on Wed. Oct 18 to help support SSTRIDE Irma Victims in Florida.

Click link below for flyer information…..

Irma WB student fundraiser


Don’t forget that school starts at 9:35 instead of 8:35!

River Oaks

Our coffee with the Principal has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 18th at 2:30 PM in the multi-purpose room. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to meet the principal and learn more about our school and its upcoming events. Please join us for coffee and conversation.

Your continued partnership is needed in order for our students to succeed!

Picture Day is Thursday Oct. 19.

PTA will have a Popcorn sale on Friday October 20th. Popcorn is .50 a bag with a 4 bag limit. They will need parents to help bag all the popcorn. If you can help please come to school on Friday around 9:30 to help bag.

District Half Day Fri Oct 13

Reminder that Friday October 13 that all DPS elementary schools will have a half day.

Students will be dismissal at 11:45.




Call for Family Recipes or Stories

Call for Family Recipes or Stories

Do you have a family recipe or an immigrant story to share? Or a story about your name or family tree? Send it to us and it will be considered for publication in a community anthology. We will print two anthologies: one regarding recipes and another regarding immigrant and/or name stories. This program is open to all ages and we welcome everyone to participate.

Family recipes:

We’re especially looking for recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, but any original family recipe is eligible for consideration. Click here to submit your recipe. If there are any photos or images associated with your recipe, please send them to

Immigrant / family history / name stories:

Your story can be about you or one of your relatives, whether of current or previous generations. Please limit to 1-4 pages. Click here to fill out the entry form. Once the form is completed, please send your story as a Word document or rich text format (and any photos or images associated with your story) to

The deadline to submit recipes or stories is Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

Click here to view the flyer.

365 Days of Wonder




Open House for MIller, River Oaks & Whitmore Bolles is Thursday September 14 from 6-7:30


Orientation/Reintroduction to the Media Center


Media Skills, 1-3 grade


Introduction to the library

Language Objectives:

Students will use library terms appropriately.

Key Vocabulary:

  • Library
  • Media Center
  • Librarian
  • Media Secretary

Supplemental Materials:

  • “Mr Wiggles” by Paula Craig and Carol Thompson
  • “How I spent my summer vacation” by Mark Teague
  • “Manners at the library” by Terri DeGezelle


  • Modeling
  • Guided Practice

Group Options:

  • Whole class (1st – 3rd)

Integration of Processes:

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening


  • Meaningful
  • Linked to objectives
  • Promotes engagement


  • Group
  • Oral

Lesson Sequence:

  • Pull up to 9 chairs and place them around the perimeter of the class meeting area.
    • When class enters, direct them to sit on the carpet. After everyone is seated on the floor, choose one student who has entered following the directions (usually to enter quickly and quickly choose a seat next to someone who is a good choice for them) and ask if they would like to sit on a chair.
    • Tell students that the chairs are for students who are “caught” following directions, it’s like the game of tag; that if a student asks for a chair, the teacher has to say no.
  • Introduce the three rules for media class and explain the reasons for each:
    • Sit “criss cross” or “like a pretzel”
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on if you want to talk
  • Write the vocabulary words (above) on the board and review their meanings.  Introduce the new words and ask students what the words mean.   Correct any misunderstandings.  Explore connects that students make.
  • Show the cover of each book and review elements of the cover (title, author, etc.).  Point out the connect between the title and the illustration.  What can they predict about the story using these elements?
  • Read the books.  Review predictions afterwards and gauge accuracies.
  • Line up students in alphabetical order.

Preview for Next Week:

Discuss what the difference between buying and borrowing books.  Why is it important to take of things that are borrowed?

Welcome to Media


Hello and welcome to our blog!  I will be using this blog for all of my media classes.

I will be at River Oaks on Monday and Tuesday PM, Whitmore Bolles on Tuesday AM and Wednesday and also at Miller on Thursday and Friday.

Each grade will have their own page so that  you can access the information.  There is an additional page of resources, websites and links for your use.

You can reply here to send me a message or you can email me at

I am looking forward to a wonderful year together!

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