Accessing Report Cards (for Parents)

Following is some information for administrators on how parents can access report cards data in MIStar ParentConnect and how schools can help parents with login info if parents can’t login. Please note that if a parent uses ParentConnect, he/she should be able to see data for all their students and do not require separate logins for the different schools.

1. How do parents login to ParentConnect? To login to ParentConnect, parents need their PIN and password; there are 2 options to get this information.Option 1 (Screen below – Recommended): Parents go to Dearborn Schools web site then ParentConnect link. If they don’t know the login info, they click (Need Your Login Information) link and it will prompt them to enter their email address as provided to the school and entered in MIStar (Menu/Enrollment/Student Editor/Contacts) and click Submit. This process emails them their PIN and Password.


Option 2 (Screen below): If parents are unable to receive the email (no email, etc) and administrators need to provide the info, administrators can access MIStar Menu / System / ParentConnect Manager / Contacts Passwords as indicated below. Even though Option 2 is available for administrators, Option 1 is recommended because parents have to login to their email to retrieve the info and you can always add the email in Student Editor/Contacts if missing.


2. What is available in ParentConnect?Given that Elementary report cards are due tonight and Middle Schools report cards are due tomorrow, please remind the teachers to finalize their grades by the timeline so that we can start processing soon.
 1. Starting Tuesday morning, I will run the missing grades for elementary schools and email administrators the issues so that they can follow-up; once the reports are complete, I will process these report cards by sending the info to ParentConnect 2. Starting Wednesday, I will run the missing grades reports for middle schools and email administrators the issues so that they can follow-up; once the reports are complete, I will process the report cards and GPAs 3. Once grades are finalized, I will then post them online (ParentConnect, Student Connect). I will do my best to try to have the grades posted by the end of the day Friday but it may be early next week as this process may take a bit longer than usual given that the Computer Services staff is not working except me. I will keep you updated of the progress during the week.
Questions:1. Would you like me to add a general message in ParentConnect for all Elementary and Middle schools such as Marking Period 3 grades have been generated based on assignments and assessments available or something similar? Shannon, Jill and Fatme, please email me if you wish one general message that I can include for all.2. Once the grades are available, should David send a robocall for Elementary and Middle Schools? Or should teachers just add on their bogs?
Following is the information that parents can see in ParentConnect. Administrators can view similar data and more options by accessing MIStar Menu/ Enrollment / Student Profile.

ParentConnect ModuleHow it relates to Report Cards
Attendance Detail Information 
Attendance Summary Information 
Cafeteria Information 
Class Assignment InformationThis module represents the Gradebook information. Data is available as soon as teachers update their gradebook. It has been launched for all High Schools, all Middle Schools and Elementary Schools only if elementary teachers shared their gradebook in the setup.
GPA Information 
Parent Reported Absence 
Report Card MarksThis module represents the Report Cards information. Grades, including comments and notes are available as soon as our office finalizes the processing of the report cards and based on a date that is set for data to display. It has been launched for all High Schools, all Middle Schools and all Elementary Schools that will see a link to the Standard Report Card. 
Schedule Information 
School / Classroom News 
Teacher / Counselor Email Links 
Testing Information 
Transcript Information 

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