Making sketchbooks

Second and third graders are starting out the year making sketchbooks. We talked about what an artist does and what types of things we learn about in art class. They were very excited to make their own sketchbook and really wanted to take it home. I told them when we filled up the pages with sketches, designs and plans,  we would add more paper and THEN they could take it home.

The practice of using a sketchbook or  journal for recording ideas and observations extends to science and writing as well. This year the kids will be introduced to the design process and design thinking through our schools Launch of the Project Lead The Way curriculum. I will be helping to facilitate this program.  It will  be our 2nd year as a  STEAM school.  If you are not familiar with STEAM, it is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) plus Art.  The Arts are a unique lens through which the students can study STEM.

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