IMG_8902_2 IMG_8906_2 IMG_8908_2 IMG_8910_2 IMG_8913_2 IMG_8915 IMG_8917_2 IMG_8919_2 IMG_8923 IMG_8924 IMG_8925_2 IMG_8926 IMG_8927_2 IMG_8930 IMG_8933_2 IMG_8935_2 IMG_8938 IMG_8939_2 IMG_8941_2 IMG_8944 IMG_8947_2 IMG_8950 IMG_8953_2 IMG_8957_2 IMG_8960_2 IMG_8963 IMG_8964_2 IMG_8967 IMG_8968_2 IMG_8969_2 IMG_8973_2 IMG_8974_2 IMG_8975 IMG_8976_2 IMG_8978_2 IMG_8979_2 IMG_8982_2 IMG_8984_2 IMG_8986_2 IMG_8989_2 IMG_8990 IMG_8992 IMG_8993 IMG_8998_2 IMG_8999_2 IMG_9001_2 IMG_9002 IMG_9004_2 IMG_9005_2 IMG_9011_2 IMG_9013_2 IMG_9016 IMG_9019 IMG_9021_2 IMG_9026 IMG_9031_2 IMG_9033 IMG_9037_2 IMG_9040_2




The following photos are a glimpse into the afternoon Expo event.

All our students and staff shined sharing their learning.

Full STEAM ahead to next years EXPO!

Come back and see what great things we are doing every day!IMG_9044 IMG_9046_2

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