What do I have for homework?

Homework might not always be a worksheet.  Students should be working on multiplication facts every night.  They should be working on Spelling City 10-15 minutes per night Monday – Thursday.  Students should be reading 30 minutes each night. Their comprehension can be checked using the question sheet given to students.  Moby Max or Khan Academy- at least 20 minutes should be done each night.  Students can use Ducksters, History.com, and Ben’s Guide to the Government to review social studies and/or science topics covered in class.  Students will have assignments which need to be completed on Readworks.  Content binders should come home almost every night so students can study and review that day’s lessons.  Math, Social Studies and Science material in the binder should be studied each night to prepare for upcoming tests.

Check the planners daily for accurate up to date homework!


Literacy: Read 30 minutes per night

Math: Module homework listed below and Zearn- 4 badges per week minimum.

Social Studies: complete review/ study

Spelling Words:  long o Week 6

* Practice the pattern, there are 5 cold words that follow the same pattern given the day of the test. 

Math:  Module 2 lessons  9, 11, 12, 14, 15

Math Parent Tip Sheets: