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Literacy- Must do:

Long a page spelled ai, ay

Spelling weekly words; Test Thursday

March Nightly Literacy Ball Sheet

Nightly Literacy Activity Recording Sheet

Nightly Literacy Activity Recording Sheet

April Nightly Literacy Activity Recording Sheet

Nightly Literacy Activity Options

Poetry folders- Return on Mondays

Math: At home practice Module 4 Lessons 26-31

Other math activities :

adding and subtracting to 5 with number sentences and number stories

Reviewing comparing length, weight, and capacity using those terms as well as longer, shorter, lighter, heavier, and more than less then.

Review of naming solid shapes; cone, sphere, cylinder, cube and flat shapes; square, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon

Reading numbers to 10 (20 is an end of the year expectation)

Writing numbers to 10 (20 is  the end of the year expectation)

Counting 1-100 by ones and tens

Math help:

Module 4 Lessons 37-41

Module 4 lessons 33-36

Module 4 Lessons 29-32

Module 4 Lessons 25-28

Module 4 lessons 19-24

Module 4 Lesson Lessons 13-18

Module 4 Lesson 7-12

Module 4 Lessons 1-6

Module 3 lessons 29-32

module 3 lessons 25-28

Module 3 Lessons 20-24

Module 3 Lessons 16-19

Module 3 lesson 9-10

Module 2 lessons 6-8

module 2 lessons 1-3

Module 1 Tip Sheet 33-37

Module 1 Tip Sheet 29-32

Module 1 Tip Sheet 23-28

Tip Sheet 17-22

Module 1 Tip Sheet 12-17

Module 1 Tip Sheet 7-11

Module 1 Tip Sheet 4-6

Module 1 tip sheet 1-3

1. Parent Tip Sheets – the sheets are available on the Great Minds website.
2. Homework Helpers – these sheets are in the student Succeed books before each lesson’s homework. Encourage students to use this resource.
3.  Duane Habecker videos – these videos are easily found doing a Google search.  Type in Eureka math Grade ___ Module ___ Lesson ___.  Usually his video is the first or second link that pops up.  Open the video.



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