Literacy- Must do:

Spelling weekly words; Test Thursday

January Nightly Literacy Ball Sheet

Nightly Literacy Activity Recording Sheet

Nightly Literacy Activity Options

Poetry folders- Return on Mondays

Math: At home practice Module 3 Lessons 16-18

Other math activities :

Reviewing comparing length, weight, and capacity using those terms as well as longer, shorter, lighter, heavier, and more than less then.

Review of naming solid shapes; cone, sphere, cylinder, cube and flat shapes; square, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon

Reading numbers to 10 (20 is an end of the year expectation)

Writing numbers to 10 (20 is  the end of the year expectation)

Counting 1-75 (100 is the end of the year expectation)

Math help:

Module 3 lessons 29-32

module 3 lessons 25-28

Module 3 Lessons 20-24

Module 3 Lessons 16-19

Module 3 lesson 9-10

Module 2 lessons 6-8

module 2 lessons 1-3

Module 1 Tip Sheet 33-37

Module 1 Tip Sheet 29-32

Module 1 Tip Sheet 23-28

Tip Sheet 17-22

Module 1 Tip Sheet 12-17

Module 1 Tip Sheet 7-11

Module 1 Tip Sheet 4-6

Module 1 tip sheet 1-3

1. Parent Tip Sheets – the sheets are available on the Great Minds website.
2. Homework Helpers – these sheets are in the student Succeed books before each lesson’s homework. Encourage students to use this resource.
3.  Duane Habecker videos – these videos are easily found doing a Google search.  Type in Eureka math Grade ___ Module ___ Lesson ___.  Usually his video is the first or second link that pops up.  Open the video.



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