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Halloween Party

Please sign up if you can to help us out for our party. All are welcome. It will be Thursday October 31st at 2:45.

News You Can Use 10-14-19


Last week we worked on multiplying multi digit numbers using both area model and the standard algorithm. Please check your child can multiply both ways as they are required to demonstrate both on the test. We were also rounding to check answers. We combined lessons 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 as they were similar. This week we will combine 10/11 and 13/14, so lesson 10 and 13 homework sheets will not come home. You will see lessons 9, 11, 12, 14, and 15 this week. Please continue to work on Zearn on a daily basis. Many students are behind. I will give a bit of class time this week only to make up for the lessons we combined in class. All students would be to module 6 at minimum as of today. Please see your child’s planners and check if they are behind, or go on to Zearn and take a look. Those who do Zearn do perform better on the assessments. Our mid module assessment will be next Tuesday, Oct 22nd.

Social Studies

Last week we focused on the Native Americans of the Northwest and Southwest, focusing on how they adapted to and changed their environment. This week we will focus on the Eastern Woodlands Native Americans, studying the same ideas.


Last week we completed Mystery 4, understanding chemical reactions. This week will complete Mystery 5 and use the information to answer our overarching question of why gargoyles change. We will examine and test low explosions due to build up of gas and learn how to draw our findings with a particle model.


We were focusing on writing a summary last week and we will continue this week as well. Remember writing a good summary does not need to be long, it is different from a retelling. Good summaries contain only important details. We will also review adverbs as a part of speech.

News: Class Halloween Party: Our party will be October 31st from 2:45-3:25. Children may bring candy to pass, no nuts please. They are not to wear costumes to school. Look for a sign-up genius soon to help with party needs!

Our class needs your help with our holiday boutique basket! Please see the link below to help make our basket a success! Remember, all the money comes back to our class for supplies, books, and more!!/showSignUp/10c054ca4af28a2f58-stetzs

Haunted school needs your help!

This year we are looking for the following types of donation items:
–Candy…*lots* and *lots* of candy!
–Spider webbing (White and Glow in the Dark)

A bin has been placed near the front entrance/office that items can be placed in.

Holiday Boutique Basket

Help our class put together a great basket for our holiday boutique! The basket will be part of the tin can style raffle and all the proceeds from the ticket sales for our basket will come back to our classroom! The better the basket, the more money for our class. Please use the link below to sign up to send in a donation of some kind. I will pass all donations on to our homeroom moms. Thank you for your support!!/showSignUp/10c054ca4af28a2f58-stetzs

News You Can Use 10-7-19


We completed our Math Module 1 test last week. I handed them back and I am proud to see improvements from the mid module. I encouraged students to keep up the hard work this Module as well. It is quite a bit longer and continues to build on what we have done. If your child is having a hard time with multiplication and division, continue at home practice. These skills from last year are essential to the continued work we are doing this year. I also encouraged them to keep up with Zearn daily. This added practice will solidify the in-class learning and provide them with additional practice for mastery. We began Module 2, completing lessons 1 and 2. From looking at the exit tickets, multiplying by tens, hundreds, thousands needs some review, along with basic multiplication facts. We will do lessons 3-7 this week. See the tip sheets and videos as needed.


We completed Mystery 3, mixing substances with acids to look for chemical reactions. We will continue our investigation with Mystery 4 this week, looking at more chemical reactions, and the reasons they occur.

Social Studies

We completed our Unit 1 Government study last week and I have returned their tests. While most did well, I reminded the children that they should be reviewing and studying regularly, asking questions, and completing the review to help them take in the information. We did go over the review question by question with time to write in any incomplete answers. I still had children not giving complete explanations with examples and details. This is a critical part of 5th grade, not just in Social Studies, but across the board, providing evidence for their claims and answers, including evidence from the text. We began Unit 2 with a lesson on navigating the text, text features, and thinking like a historian. We investigated primary and secondary sources and reviewed various text structures like compare and contrast, cause and effect, point of view, sequence of events, and descriptions. These be studied in all areas of our learning thought the year. The children should become very familiar with examples of each of these in reading, so they can write examples of them as well.


We worked with identifying theme last week in various types of texts. They will continue this work all year, identifying theme in our group books, independent reading, poetry, and articles. We spent time reviewing the writing process and will move into revising and editing our pieces this week. I reminded them that capitalization and end punctuation were skills taught back many years ago and should be a non negotiable when it comes to all written assignments, along with neat, legible writing from left to right, across the paper, with complete sentences that make sense. I am getting multiple papers without these basic skills that are difficult to read. While I understand the children are expected to do more on computers these days, there is no replacing the basic skills of writing. This will be reflected in their language grades.

We have started group novels in class and I am meeting with the children on a regular basis. They are expected to read and respond daily to their book in various ways. These books are to be read in class. I will only assign them as homework if they are not completing their work daily due to not using their time wisely, or if they are out sick. Their at-home reading should be a choice piece to enhance comprehension and reading skills. We are also completing various articles both in print and online during Daily 5 linked to our Science and Social Studies curriculum. They are also meant to be in class work unless the children are getting behind or are absent. They get multiple days to complete them. When there are questions, I also take a grade for language and subject area. The children are encouraged to go back and find the evidence in the text to support their answers.


If you received an emergency card today, please return it with correction tomorrow. Not everyone received one from the office. I will be out a half day this week for Math Leader training. We will have an excellent guest teacher here in my place. Friday is a half day.

This month is our month to help with popcorn Friday! Please look on the Lindbergh tab to sign up if you can help! Popcorn Friday is Oct 25! Popcorn is 25 cents with a limit of 4 bags per child.

Have a wonderful week of learning!

Parent Survey

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Dearborn Public Schools is using this Parent Survey as a means to elicit your beliefs and opinions to help target areas for the school system to improve and areas to continue to be effective. The online survey will be available until 11/15/19. In order to complete the survey, please click on this link: Parent Survey Dearborn Schools Fall 2019

Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous and your honest opinions are appreciated. Thank you in advance for supporting our improvement efforts.


Zainah Tiba, Principal

News You Can Use 9-30-19

News Pictures are complete. If your child needs retakes they will be on 10/29. We will also be wearing our new 5th grade shirts if they are in for a grade 5 picture for the yearbook. Keep selling those raffle tickets for the Lindbergh Holiday boutique! Don’t forget to check out all the Lindbergh events and class events on the Lindbergh tab at the top of the blog!

Math This week we will be taking our Module 1 math test on Wednesday. We will finish up 1.15 on Monday, followed by an in-class review on Tuesday. We have a weekly requirement of 4 lessons of Zearn a week. When we pulled up the class tracker for the second week in a row, we noticed there were many children not meeting their goal, over half the class. This is an additional fun way to reinforce skills thought in class. If you were keeping up with the lessons in class, the children should be doing 5 per week. They were told on Friday this is a good time to catch up as they had all weekend and no math homework on Tuesday or Wednesday this upcoming week. We will be starting Module 2 on Thursday, completing lessons 1 and 2 this week. I am also finding many children are still not bringing home their homework help tip sheet from their class books. These are great tools to help you and them understand our lessons. I have also reminded the children several times that they have to be reading the questions thoroughly and answering what is being asked. I have seen so many mistakes due to not reading and explaining.

Social Studies We completed our government test last week and will be moving on to a new unit in history: Three Worlds Meet. I sent their unit one packet home and we are using a new resource, an atlas to help with our history units to come. These are soft cover and require great care. If they are damaged they will have to be replaced at your cost. Each child has a numbered copy and they are to be kept in their social studies binder or in the folder I provided. I checked their tests and many children did well. I noticed however, those who did not make corrections on their study guide with us in class or did not even bring it in had difficulties. We have had numerous discussions about studying as you go and not waiting until the last minute. Binders should be going home daily for review and practice. I also noticed many children did not explain or answer all parts of their tests. We have talked about answering all parts to a short answer question to get full credit. Please remind them again about this. Their grades are stapled to the essay questions and were sent home today.

Science We completed Mystery #2 and the quizzes were better this week. We discovered that you can not change a metal into gold or copper, but you can coat metals in copper with a transfer of copper from dull pennies and a mixture of salt and vinegar. This will help with our study of the disappearing gargoyles and chemistry. We will do Mystery 3 this week.

ELA Last week we worked on our personal narratives having a good lead. We will continue through the writing process this week. We have been inferring with various passages from books I am reading and their own readings. We have been reading multiple passages during Daily 5 based on our science and social studies content on Readworks. These are reading requirements and I have multiple children who have not read their articles. We added this to our planner to use as their daily 30 minutes of reading homework, yet upon checking this morning, many were still not complete. They will get behind in class and have to make up the work or get a zero in gradebook. These do involve quizzes for comprehension that I use for grades. I assign new articles each week. This can be accessed anywhere by logging on to Readworks with their Google account. We will begin group work this week based on DRA. Overall, I am noticing we need work on summaries; identifying important information to include, as well as sighting sources from our reading as evidence. We will study theme this week too.

Please encourage good penmanship at home as well. I am having a hard time reading some of the answers the children are writing, which makes it difficult to grade work.

Have a wonderful week of learning!

We Are A Blue Ribbon School!

Congratulations to our entire community! Charles A. Lindbergh Elementary School in Dearborn Public Schools has been designated an Exemplary High Performing Schools National Blue Ribbon School for 2019 by U. S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Our school is one of 362 schools in the nation and one of thirteen schools from Michiganto be recognized in 2019.  
This is a huge accomplishment and one that we will continue to celebrate.  
Congratulations again!

News You Can Use 9-23-19


Thank you to the families who helped get our 5th Grade shirts ready and orders places. If you did not send in the money, please do so no later than tomorrow. Please see the post below if you need another copy of the order form. This is a Lindbergh tradition and a special privilege for the fifth grade.


The children all have their instruments now. Woodwinds and percussion will have band on Mondays. Brass and strings will have band class on Wednesdays. Band is a privilege and grades and classwork must be kept up to continue participating. Instruments need to be well taken care of and brought to school on band days. All instruments will be stored in the auditorium during the day and should go home that same day to practice. As far as recorders go, your child will be working on this in Music class on Monday, and Fridays. Mrs Baloga expects their materials here on these days.


We will be working on Module 1, lessons 12-16 this week. Our end of the module test will be next Tuesday, following an in class review on Monday. As I have been communicating to the children, they need to be reviewing their homework that we check daily, along with the exit tickets I check and hand back. Theses are the best way to practice what is expected and what will be on the test. I give feedback to individuals and small groups daily, but they must ask questions if they are still confused. I handed back the mid module assessment, and as you see, each problem is graded based on a 4 point scale. All tests are set up this way in math. Those scores in each standard transfer to the 1-4 scale on the report card. Most children lost points for not being able to explain their answers or not following the directions. We went over each problem together and I encouraged them to ask questions. I have posted videos and homework tip sheets on here. They are also bringing the tip sheet from their book home with the homework daily. Self help skills are critical as they approach middle school. I am trying to impress this on them now, so they get into a habit of being proactive about their learning.

Social Studies

We finished the federalism section and will complete the last section on the Bill of Rights and limiting the powers of government by tomorrow. The students were given a review last week. They should have it completed and here on Wednesday to review in class for the test on Thursday. They will not have time to write in all the answers, which is why it should come done. The intent is to ask any clarifying questions and make small changes or additions as necessary. They should not be waiting to study until the day before the test. If you have not seen their blue content binder come home yet, please ask them.


We finished our next mystery, testing a penny in various substances to see how to make it shiny. We will begin our second mystery today, continuing to investigate chemical changes. We will be having quizzes as well after each mystery. All the information asked comes from the video we watch and the experiment we do in class. As long as the children are completing the experiment, they will do fine.


The children are still finishing up their DRA assessments. Hopefully they will be done by Tuesday and we can move into group work this week. They will be in charge of reading their group books and completing various activities and discussions both with the group and independently during class. Your child may be bringing their books home to complete the required reading. Please help them make sure the book returns the next day. All assignments will be in their ELA binder, our planner will just say group work since all groups will be doing something different. Week 2 of spelling produced some better scores. Please make sure your child is doing Spelling City at least 2 nights during the week along with other studying of the pattern words. This will help them be successful with the cold words.

Leader in Me

We are continuing to focus on habit 1 this month, Be Proactive. Great examples of proactive behavior have been displayed in our room. One example was when homework was forgotten, students are contacting others and doing it on paper! Another fine example is those students doing their class job without being asked. Great leadership skills!

Have a wonderful week of learning!

5th grade shirt money due tomorrow! See link below.

5th Grade Shirts are Here!

Each year the Fifth grade class gets the opportunity to order class shirts. The order forms went home yesterday and a copy is attached below. This is a chance to celebrate their last year at Lindbergh as an entire group. The whole class orders shirts and there is an option to purchase pajama pants as well. We usually wear these on Fridays to celebrate unity among our grade. Ms. Tiba allows them to wear the pants Fridays as well if they choose. Please send in your order and money no later than Monday, September 23rd in an envelope with your child’s name and teacher.

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