Learning Activities for Wednesday, April 29

Literacy Activity

Today we are going to continue learning about the letter Rr. After watching the letter Rr video, I would like you to draw a picture of 5 things that start with the letter R. Some ideas: rainbow, rabbit, rock, etc. Please share your pictures with me.

Math Activity

We are going to practice counting today. We are going to count in a different way. Backwards! Today you will learn how to count backwards from 20 down to 0. Let’s try it!

Read Aloud/Math Activity

Let’s listen to the story, The Little Mouse, The Red, Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear.

After reading the story here is an activity idea you can do with your child. To do this activity you will need….

  • chocolate chips/beans
  • red and green paper or you can draw and color a strawberry shape
  • scissors to cut out strawberry shape
  • tongs
  • markers to draw strawberry shape
    • You can use the number cards you made for Monday’s math assignment

1. Strawberry Seed Pick Up Game

For this activity you first need to make a big strawberry! You can just hand-draw your own and color it. 
Next you need to cut up some paper into little cards (If you completed the math assignment from Monday, your cards are already completed). Write a number on each card 1-10 and put them all in a big pile.

Once your strawberry and cards are made… you can start playing!
Flip over a card from your pile. Read the number aloud. Add that number of “seeds” (chocolate chips or beans) to your strawberry using your tongs. If you do not have tongs, your child can just use his/her fingers.
Once you finish one card, clear off the strawberry. Tell your child they can be the Big Hungry Bear and eat a few chocolate chips… and then flip over another card and start again!

This is an excellent activity to work on hand-eye coordination and build fine motor skills while also practicing number recognition and 1:1 correspondence. Little ones could skip the tongs and just use their little fingers to pinch the chocolate chips and move them onto the strawberry.


Turn off those screens and play with some toys, color, paint, anything you can think of!

Planning Time (5 minutes): Build your child’s ability to organize their time by having them make a “plan” with you about what they would like to play with.  Children do this everyday with us at school. It helps children learn to organize their thoughts. Adults make plans all the time to organize their thoughts (shopping lists are made before going to the grocery store, to do lists are made to help plan your day etc..).  

Kids will tell you what they are planning to do/want to play with/how they will use toys at home. 

Work Time (45-60 minutes): During work time kids play WITHOUT ELECTRONICS.  Kids can use toys to pretend play, build, and create.

Clean Up (about 15 minutes):  Kids clean up the mess they have made while playing.

Recall Time (5 minutes): Build your child’s memory of events by having your child tell you what they did while they played (ask “tell me how you did that” or “what did you do next?”)



My office hours will be 10:00am-3:00pm Monday-Thursday. This is the time I will be answering emails, making phone calls, etc. If you message me earlier in the day I will reply between 10:00am and 3:00pm If you message me after 3:00pm I will reply the next day between 10:00am and 3:00pm.

Virtual Class Meetings

Unfortunately last week some older students made bad choices and were doing inappropriate things during google meet sessions. Due to this behavior and the desire to keep our students safe we will not be having any google meet sessions.

Daily Check Ins

Part of the state requirement is for us to maintain communication. We can continue this through our blog, emails, and phone calls. Of course, Mrs. Hamid is part of all our communications so if you need translation that will be available! It is very important that when your child completes an activity that you send me a picture. Or if you are not comfortable sending a picture you could send me an email discussing the activity. We will be keeping track of activities and participation! So basically, let’s continue doing what we are doing!! 🙂

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