Mrs. Lall, Social Work

Some resources that might be helpful

Meals will be provided on a grab and go basis Monday-Friday at McCullough Unis School.

Meals provided are breakfast and lunch.   An adult can pick up the meals between 10-12pm.

This is an opportunity for families to work together.  Please consider helping those families with no transportation.  You do not need to attend McCullough Unis to get the meals.  You don not need any identification to pick up the meals.  Everyone who comes to the school who needs meals will be provided with them.

McCullough Unis is located at 7801 Maple St. Dearborn

United way has a COVID 19 Community Economic Relief Fund   They will help with bills, rent and food.

You can call 1-866-211-9966 and provide your zip code.  A list of local agencies will be provided who can support you.

Energy Assistance Hotline Provides utility assistance 1 800 292 5650

If medical help is needed contact FHC Family Health Clinic (313) 670 9943

If any family needs assistance with any other need please contact me or use classroom dojo.

Here are some activities you can use at home to keep your students busy.

Brainstorm some ideas with your child of things they could do at home.  Put them in a box.  When the students are looking for things to do get them to choose an idea you created together from the box.

Create a treasure hunt.  Hide a sticker or coin in the house.  Give the student ideas of where it could be.  Let them find it.

Have your child build a tent or fort using a blanket and pillows from home.

Create a scavenger hunt get your child to find different things around the home.  It can be things from the kitchen or anywhere. 

Make a big Tic Tac Toe using tape.

Set up an indoor obstacle course jump across items, jump from pillow to pillow.  Go under chairs or tables.

Here are some guidelines on how to approach talking to your student about the current situation and the COVID-19 virus.

Remain calm and reassuring.  If your family is all healthy focus on that fact stating that everyone is fine.

Remind them that the school, staff and family are here to keep them safe and healthy.

Let your childern express their feelings and concerns.  Give the child honest answers to their questions.  Be considerate to the age of your child, you do not want to frighten or make them more stressed.  Young childern need short, simple information which is factual but reassuring.  Older elementary childern will be looking for more information, right now the situation is everywhere, internet, social media.  They will wat to know if they are safe.  Give them simple steps that they can do to keep safe like following the hygiene plan of washing hands and covering their mouths.

Know the symptoms to watch for Fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Encourage your child to practice good hygiene wash hands with warm soapy water frequently.  While washing hands get them to count to 20 slowly.

Stay Happy, Healthy and Calm.  Hope to see you soon.

Ms Jenn

School Social Worker.