Week of October 7, 2019

The days are getting cooler and are flying by our eyes!

Please remember to dress your child for the weather. We will go outside as long as it’s enjoyable. we went outside this morning to see what we could detect using our senses of sight and hearing. We also collected leaves to fit with our unit on LEAVES.

We came back and wrote a book titled LEAVES. Please have your child point to each word as they read the book to you. Pretty great for only day # 27 of Kindergarten!

Next week:

PHONICS: WE will continue with Rhyming Words


WORDS: like

By now, your child should know how to read, write, and spell the following words…

I can see a Please help them practice these words so they can read and write them easily. Next week I will add like to the list of known words. The same goes for the letters that we have done M m A a T t D d Find things that start with these sounds. Next week I will be assessing them on the letters M m A a T t D d and I can see a

WRITING; We will continue with NARRATIVE WRITING (telling a story). Create some stories of your own as you are driving in the car, waiting at soccer practice, etc. Stories do not have to be long.

MATH: We will be working with ways to make 9…in horizontal/vertical directions, in a circle, an array and different ways to make 9. Practice this with spoons at the table, shoes, crayons, anything…

SCIENCE: We will continue discussing our 5 senses. So far we have done seeing, hearing, and smelling.

Next week I will be involved in 2 meetings. Mrs. Hespen, a very dear friend, former Howard teacher, and an excellent sub will be here for me. I will be in the building.

Next Friday, October 11:

-half day for all. PD for staff dismissal will be 11:45 am

-Also money for 10/21 field trip is due. If you have a zoo membership you must be present with your child to attend. Copies of the membership card will not be honored.

Next Late Start is 10/16

Have a glorious weekend. Pumpkins, fall, apples, donuts….yum!

You are your own little light,

Shine brightly so that everyone can see it.


27 of Kindergarten!

Field Trip

Look for this to come home today…FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIP


Reminder-11:38 dismissal tomorrow

Snack time

We had snack time outside today. Pretzels-yum!

Magnetic letters on trays

Take a look at your trays at work. Thanks

For Friday, I will be dismissing at 11:38 ish :)

Thanks for the cookie sheets!

You are most generous. We’ve got enough.

Rhyming homework tonight…due tomorrow!

Look for a small note in your child’s backpack about what to bring in tomorrow. 🙂

Also, a reminder that this Friday, 9/20 is a half day.

AM-students Dismissal is at 11:45

PM-district PD for teachers

Open House…Tonight!!

We are excited to show off our classroom tonight at Open House. Please stop in for a visit from 6:00-7:30.

Several of you have asked very kindly if there was anything I could use in here. Well…if you have an extra small jelly roll pan or cookie sheet I could use a few in here. I like to use them for magnetic letters and using the cookie sheets, the kids can take the letters to different areas and work with the letters without them spilling off of a tray. Thanks!

We’ere good on snacks for a few weeks. I’ll let you know when we need refills.

For tonight, I will have a computer available for you to sign up for my blog. I usually post on Fridays for the upcoming week…what the READING COMPREHENSION STRATEGY, Math concepts, PHONICS focus, etc will be for the following week.. Kids love to come in on Mondays and tell me what we’ll be doing for the week. 🙂

A reminder that next Thursday, I will be having a PARENT MEETING to go over some expectations, procedures, and tips for how you can help your child at home. September 19 at 4:00 in my room

See you tonight!

Mrs. Smith

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