Happy Pajama Day and St. Valentine’s Day from our room to your house!



All morning I kept hearing,”This is the best day of my life!”  Such happy little beings…lots of love.


Here’s a look at next week…

Tuesday we will finish our book about POLAR BEARS.  They are really turning out nicely.  Good sentences, good recall of information and neat writing.

I will lightly introduce PENGUINS.  Eventually we will compare and contrast the POLAR BEARS AND PENGUINS.  Higher level thinking going on in here.  🙂

READING- I will try to pick up reading groups from Friday and Monday.  Please send in their bags.  I can tell that the kids are reading more at home.  Their reading shows it and so does their writing.   They are also doing well with COMPREHENSION…very important to understand what is read, connect it to prior knowledge or another topic/book with which we have dealt, or to apply it to new learning.  thanks for your help on the home front.

WRITING-PENGUINS  Informational    Compare and Contrast

SPELLING WORDS-had  mad   sad  go   we   look   in

PHONICS-We will do a long i review, as in like, bike, kite

FRIDAY-Spelling Test (see words listed above)


MATH-Number Bonds, composing and decomposing

Here’s a glimpse into my class.  The book calls for a circle with 2 lines connecting to it.  As in a circle with a 5 in it and 2 lines with circles at the end of the lines, showing 2 numbers that make 5.  Bonds.  Well, I asked my class to give me 2 numbers that would make up  7.  They gave me 3 and 4.  Then I asked for more numbers.  That was my mistake because then they started giving me 3 + 2 + 2 + 0.  The bond in the book only gave opportunities for 2 responses and now they are giving me 4 possibilities! So, I challenged them and asked for 4 numbers that I could compose to make 11, 13,  …  🙂


Enjoy your long weekend.  Keep reading every day, at least 2 x / day.  See you on Tuesday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Mrs. Smith


“Every problem is

an opportunity

for a solution.”



Steven, the baby kangaroo

Today our PTA hosted a program from Barn Hill Preserve.  We were shown 5 different animals and learned a lot of information about each animal.

Unfortunately, I could only get pictures of Steven, the baby (joey) kangaroo.

We saw a tortoise, an armadillo, a silky chicken, a boa constrictor, and a joey kangaroo.     

Thank you PTA!!

Mrs. Smith


January Students of the Month

Congratulations to these students who

continue to make good choices daily.

Jacqueline     Nour         Zeinab


Remember to practice Spelling Words.  We’ll have our Spelling test Thursday morning, before our Valentine’s Day Celebration.

Last Thursday a note from Barn Hill Preserve  Permission Slip/ Order Form.  Tomorrow we are having an assembly, sponsored by PTA from this Preserve.  They require a signed permission slip for students to participate in the program.  If you would like your child to have their picture taken with one of the 3 animals, (Baby Kangaroo, Bearded Dragon, Tortoise) there is a $10.00 charge.  The signed permission slip MUST BE RETURNED BY TOMORROW, Tuesday, Feb.12.  

Mrs. Smith




Week of February 11, 2019


Reminder that tomorrow is NO School for Kindergarten

Another short week coming up!!

Just when I was so happy to get back to a regular schedule with BOOK BAGS/ Reading Groups and the weather changed my plans.  Here’s what I think I am teaching next week…


SPELLING WORDS- map   tap   cap   to  for  love  

When working with your child, have them WRITE the word on paper.  Lower case p goes below the line.  Otherwise the p looks like a capital letter.  I will also be expecting their names to be written neatly.  🙂

MATH- I will send home the packet on Monday…due the following TUESDAY (Mid-Winter Break).


Thursday we will celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.  Students may bring in a Valentine for their classmates.  We will also have….ready….PAJAMA DAY!!!!  Why not??   Reminder that Thursday is also half day-dismissal is at 11:45.


Here is a list of the student names for Valentines:

Aliyana    Avery   Zeinab   Ali Boomrod   Jacqueline   Mohamed  Aya  Theo   Miles   Nader   Adam Salem   Aseel       Mila     Adam Moustafa   Giavanna    Harper    Sam   Ali Saad    Maha    Addison   Mike   Sean  Nicholas   Nour

Mrs. Smith



“While we try to teach our students

about life,

our students teach us

what life is all about.”



Math Packet

I am sending home a Math packet which will cover the Lessons for this week (through lesson 6).

Students may work at their own pace through the week.

Monday-Lesson 3

Tuesday-Lesson 4

Wednesday-Lesson 5

Thursday-Lesson 6

Friday -No School

Students are to return the packet next Monday.


Week of February 4, 2019

What a crazy week!!  So much for my plans for the week!  My apologies to those of you who studied the spelling words…I will postpone the Spelling Test to next Friday, Feb. 8.

SPELLING-See last week’s post for the words.

WRITING-Polar Bears

READING-I will begin Book Bags for reading groups.  Please remember to send in the Book Bag with your child…better yet, have YOUR CHILD PUT THE BAG IN THEIR Book Bag.  That way they will know if they have it or not.  🙂

MATH-Composing and decomposing numbers.

Next week…Wednesday-LATE START



Week of Feb 11, 2019

Thursday-St. Valentine’s Day  (details to come)

Fri., 2/15 & Mon., 2/18  No School  (Mid-Winter Break)


Short and brief!   Stay warm.  Stay well.  8 out in here today!


Mrs. Smith


NO SCHOOL TOMORROW, Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Week of January 28, 2019

Good morning.  I hope you are staying well and warm.  I have 7 of my darlings out this morning.  🙁

This week begins our second semester!  WOW, huh?

READING/WRITING Informational about POLAR BEARS.  I hope we have enough days this week because the kids are quite interested in this topic.  I am hoping to make a book for them to take home on Friday.

SPELLING-Second semester begins weekly Friday SPELLING TESTS. 

We begin with very easy words.  This week’s words include:  cat  sat  hat   I  see  can

If you will notice the words are from the very beginning of the year, some have the “at” chunk, and are words that they use in daily writing.  I still have some that use a lower case “i” when writing the pronoun “I.”  The pronoun “I” is ALWAYS capitalized.  I also reminded that the word “hat” has an “h” at the beginning, not an “n.”  Best to start now with flash cards (Dollar stores have 3 x 5 cards) to review.

MATH- We will begin Module 4, which deals with composing and decomposing numbers.  We will use manipulatives, drawings, story problems, and number bonds to compose/decompose numbers.

SOCIAL STUDIES-How do we learn about the past?  Books? Artifacts? ????

I will be putting a lot into each day.  Hold on!

Stay warm,

Mrs. Smith


Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019

I hope you enjoyed the extra day of sleeping in and family time!

The picture of Book Bag Schedule finally came through on my computer this morning.  I’ll start the new schedule next week.  If Book Bags are at home, PLEASE send them in on the days indicated on the schedule.  Thanks!


New days (maybe) for BOOK BAGS

I have reorganized the Reading Groups.  some days may have changed for your child.  Please check the schedule.  Make sure your child has their BOOK BAG here on the assigned day and are ready to read the books in their bag.

Monday_Aliyana   Avery   Zeinab

Tuesday- Ali Boomrod  Jacqueline  Aya   Mohamed

Wednesday-Theo  Miles  Nader  Adam Salem  Aseel

Thursday-Mila  Adam Moustafa  Giavanna

Friday-Harper  Sam  Ali Saad


Every day-Maha  Addison  Mike  Sean  Nicholas  Nour




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