i think I figured out how all of you can see each other on the screen. I’ll test it out and hopefully we hit success!!

Thanks for the visit today. I love seeing all of your faces.



I thought I had sent this post last week but….???

Anyway, today I’d like to see the kids on BIG BLUE BUTTON at 4:00.

Here are the steps :

  1. Log in to Dearborn Public Schools
  2. Student Portal
  3. iLearn
  4. Code is x5i8bt
  5. Enroll
  6. Mrs. Smith’s Communication Station
  7. See you today at 4:00!!!! I’m excited to see you.


Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith’s Weekly Calendar

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

For this week’s Informational writing, I assigned that you choose an insect to research and write 2-3 facts about that insect.

I am going to enlarge that assignment and allow you to choose an insect OR an animal. Please do not choose a dog or cat. Choose an animal or insect that you might not know much about. 2-3 good sentences with information about your choice. Remember to start with a capital letter, put spaces between your words, and punctuation at the end. Remember to send me a picture of your animal or insect. I wonder what you will choose??? Will it have fur or feathers? A beak or a mouth? Live on land or in the air? In a nest, under a log, or in the water? 2 legs, 4 legs or no legs???

I wonder what you will choose?

or will you choose …

Weekly Calendar

Happy Memorial Day 2020

Friday, May 22, 2020

I hope you all are enjoying this weekend time together. It sure is different from all other years when I would be practicing my flute to march in the Memorial Day Parade and then enjoy a family cookout with all of our favorite delicious food dishes. We’d even have a pool filled and have great fun splashing everyone. Then we would all pile in cars to take flowers out to the cemetery where we would honor other family members. This year we will create a new day, still honoring and celebrating family. I would love to be with my grandchildren but we will FaceTime at some point. Next year will be different.

All of the teachers are putting in grades each week, reflecting participation with assignments. The grades will tabulate in:

M=Meets Completes all assignments

P=Progressing Completes most assignments

LP=Limited progress Shows little or NO participation with assignments

Most of my class is doing exceptionally well with turning in their work and it is of good quality. (Good job parents!!)

The special area teachers are also inputting grades and mentioned yesterday that about 250 students of Howard student population, have not completed any of the assignments in ART, MUSIC, or GYM. Those students would then receive a grade of LP. So, at this point, I would suggest that you choose 1 assignment in each of the special areas (ART, MUSIC, GYM) and submit an assignment. Grab one this weekend and submit it to Mrs. Thomas (ART). Mrs. Bagnell (Music), and Mr. Haliburda (Gym). The special teachers have asked for help with this so that they don’t have to give out 250 grades of LP. Speaking for them….THANKS!

If you have not yet submitted work for 5/18-5/22 please submit assignments. I have next week’s calendar all ready but will wait to post on Monday so you will take a break! Otherwise, I know you’ll be right at it. 🙂

Thanks for all you are doing. I really appreciate each of you. You are amazing. Hug my kids for me please.


Mrs. Smith

Relax and enjoy your weekend.

Ribbit Ribbit

Who is this????

What is this!

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