Mr. Oshnock’s Opus

DHS Instrumental Music Director, Jeffrey Oshnock, conducted his final concert as he is retiring this June.  On, May 24th, at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center, over 75 alumni returned to perform with Mr. Oshnock one last time.  The evening began with the alumni band playing two patriotic tunes. The 9th-12th grade bands and orchestras played 2-3 songs each. The orchestra’s version of “Phantom of the Opera” was truly moving.  At the end of the evening, 5 alumni came back on stage and performed with the DHS Jazz Band. This was an outstanding tribute to a teacher who has dedicated 32 years to Dearborn students.

Dr. Maleyko speaking while the alumni band, Mr. Oshnock and Mr. Martin look on.Mr. Oshnock waiting for band to set up on stage.

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