2018 Care to the Core

What a great day for Dearborn Schools!  Students presented projects, made trays for veterans, participated in empathy training, cleaned up the campus of Henry Ford College, hosted a health fair, reviewed the Core Values, presented information on endangered species and how to reduce, reuse and recycle and so much more.

Students decorating fruit trays for veterans.

Students decorating fruit trays for veterans.

Students standiing in line

Prior to Henry Ford College clean-up, HFEC students had a barbecue.

Students standing in front of a project.

Students presented health information.

Students sitting listening to a presentation.

Students at Haigh learn about endangered species.

Students performing on a stage.

Awkward Pause performance at Bryant Middle School.

Two teachers and three students presenting to a group.

First graders at Howard presenting about the Core Values and their community service.

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