Daily Living Skills

Daily living skills are important to practice so your child can become independent.  Self help skills also help your child to feel empowered!  We practice many of these at school on a daily basis.  Try working on one or more of the skills listed below today:

  • Put toys away
  • Dress/undress themselves as much as possible
  • Pulling pants up and down when its time to use the bathroom
  • Put shoes on
  • Wipe face clean after meals
  • Use utensils (spoon or fork)
  • Help make their bed
  • Help prepare meals/set table
  • Work on potty training if your child is ready
  • Wipe down tables
  • Put away clean clothes
  • Brush their hair/teeth 
  • Wash hands – we worked on this every day at school they know they the steps! 
  • Throw away trash after a snack 

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