Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are exactly what they sound like- taking a break from what ever your child is focusing on (reading, writing, listening, learning, etc.)! Taking scheduled short breaks during work have proven to provide many benefits including:

  • Reducing stress/anxiety
  • Improving focus/attention
  • Can make homework less stressful

Grade Schoolers: Take a brain break every 10-15 minutes for 3-5 minutes Secondary Ed: Take a brain break every 20-30 minutes for 3-5 minutes

Brain breaks can involve physical activity or relaxation/quiet activities. Here are some brain break examples to try out:

Physical Activity

Freeze dance: Find your kids favorite songs. Stop and start the music throughout the song. When music plays, the kids dance and when music stops, the kids freeze! This gets blood pumping but keeps the movement somewhat focused so the transition back to work is less abrupt.

Rocket ship jumps: Bending down, touching toes and bouncing while counting down from 10, then blastoff!

Follow the leader: Take the lead or let your kids take the lead. Work on movement you kids needs practice with- walking backwards, jumping on two feet, jumping on one foot, balance activity, etc.


Stretching: Play some calming music or just sit in silence. Click the link for stretching ideas and demonstration

Flower Breathing:

Meditation: Try a meditation app. Look around until you find one that is best suited for your child. Link below

For more info and brain break ideas, check out the links below:

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