Gross Motor

What are Gross Motor Skills?

Gross motor skills involve movements that require the whole body. They are important to enable kids to perform everyday functions such as running, jumping, walking, and sitting upright at a table. Gross motor abilities are the fundamentals for important classroom functioning. They can assist with:

  • Maintaining appropriate table top posture which affects fine motor functioning: scissor skills, writing, drawing, etc.
  • Sitting upright for long periods of time in order to attend to classroom instruction
  • Endurance for an entire day of school:
    • moving between classrooms
    • carrying heavy books/back pack
    • playing on the playground

Strengthening Gross Motor Skills

Tummy Time: Playing on your belly is important for overall development. Tummy time can influence many areas including:

  • Overall body strength
  • Mobility (walking and running)
  • Posture (sitting up straight)
  • Balance (athletic performance or riding a bike)

Activity ideas for tummy time:

  • Play board games or do puzzles
  • Homework
  • Coloring, drawing, cutting, reading a book
  • While listening to a classroom lesson
  • On a scooter board for play time

Gross Motor Exercises for the Classroom:

  • Dance to the “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” song
  • Jumping jacks
  • Marching in place
  • Walking like animals (bear, crab, frog, etc.)

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