With all of our hair growing and not having access to our favorite hairdressers, why not engage in cutting Rollie’s hair? 😄 Have any empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls? This everyday household item can be made into a simple and creative cutting activity!

Draw a face and cut lines around the roll from the top to the middle to create “hair” as seen in the photo below ⬇️ Once the activity is setup, have your child grasp scissors and safely cut Rollie’s “hair”. They will need to use their helper hand to stabilize and rotate the roll while using their dominant hand to cut (working on their bilateral coordination skills). Video demonstration below 😊 Also check out this document ➡️ “Cutting Strategies” that provides strategies to improve grasp and manipulation of scissors.

To add a challenge: instead of cutting the lines to create the hair…draw lines all around the roll from the top to the middle using a marker, and have your child cut along those lines to create the hair before “cutting the hair.”