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Ms. Sam, OT - Dearborn Public Schools

Movement Monday – Hole in One!

Happy last week of school! For our last Movement Monday post, check out the video below ⬇️ for a simple, fun multi-functional activity. You can use any size ball, but be sure to cut an appropriate size circle. If you don’t have a box similar to the one in the video, a shoe box lid could also work (just use a smaller sized ball to accommodate 😊 ). This activity.. Read More

Fine Motor Friday – Ms. Emily’s Outdoor Leaf Activities

Ms. Emily is a wonderful OT on our team who created these fun outdoor fine motor activities! Pulling small leaves from a stem works on so many skills, including bilateral coordination (using two hands together), finger and hand strengthening, and promotion of pincer grasp (thumb and pointer finger). 🌿 🤏🏼 Another activity you can do is “Peeling Helicopter Leaves to Get the Seed Out!” Check out the video below! This.. Read More

Movement Monday – Gross Motor Hopscotch!

Hopscotch is a great way to engage kids in movement, and is even more fun when you put a little twist to it! Check out the images below for some inspiration on how you can make hopscotch challenge those gross motor skills, and improve sequencing skills and following directions. This activity also provides multi-sensory input, including vestibular (movement) and proprioceptive (body awareness) input.

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