Gross motor skills involve the use of large muscle groups to perform daily functions such as walking, running, jumping, navigating the environment, and playing sports. Development of gross motor skills involves posture, endurance, and strength.

Building Blocks to Fine Motor Skills

Before fine motor skills can be developed, it is important to develop gross motor skills, overall body strength, freedom of movement in upper arms, balance, sitting posture, and bilateral integration.

Tummy Time!

Infant laying on stomach with explanations of the importance of tummy time.

Tummy time is a way of providing our kids the opportunity to explore their environment, gain body awareness, move in all planes to develop their sense of balance, and gain overall body strength. It is recommended to engage our kids in tummy time from infancy to at least 12 months.

Girl laying on her stomach with colored pencils surrounding her. She is looking down and coloring.

However, tummy time can also be implemented when the child is older – have them engage in their tasks while lying on their stomach instead of at table top!

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