Happy last week of school! For our last Movement Monday post, check out the video below ⬇️ for a simple, fun multi-functional activity. You can use any size ball, but be sure to cut an appropriate size circle. If you don’t have a box similar to the one in the video, a shoe box lid could also work (just use a smaller sized ball to accommodate 😊 ). This activity works on bilateral coordination skills when stabilizing the “tray” and moving it around; visual perceptual skills as they watch the ball and try to move it into the target; upper extremity strengthening as they hold the box; and motor planning as they plan the types of movements they need to make in order to get the ball into the target.

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Video found on Pinterest @ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/154740937186652736/sent/?invite_code=fd63862816af4cf4919f73a1f84469d9&sender=211810126133201693&sfo=1