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HLA3 – A Separate Peace Socratic Seminar


Yesterday the Honors Language Arts students took part in Socratic Seminars (Photo Credit: Mr. Adam Martin, DHS Principal) to discuss complex themes and ideas in John Knowles’ novel A Separate Peace.

Students were responsible for engaging in critical thinking and collaborative conversations surrounding questions such as “What was the effect of war on Gene?” and “How is this novel essentially a psychological tale?”

Students assessed each other on their ability to analyze, reasoning, cite textual evidence, listen closely, and promote discourse in their groups.

After each seminar, I asked students to select MVP’s in their group.  Here are the names of the students who “stood out” during the Socratic Seminars:

4th hour – Group 1

Maxine M. – MVP

Mohamed W. – MVP

Kara P. – Honorable Mention

4th hour – Group 2

Wafa J. – MVP

Riley T. – MVP

Mariam B. – Honorable Mention

Adam C. – Honorable Mention

Chase C. – Honorable Mention


6th hour – Group 1

Samantha M. – MVP

Adam I. – MVP

Benjamin C. – Honorable Mention

6th hour – Group 2

Maya L. – MVP

Brendan H. – MVP

Lauren H. – Honorable Mention


I had invited the administrative team to observe the students in action – here’s what Mrs. Jebril, DHS assistant principal, had to say, “It was so refreshing to observe students actively engaged in collaborative conversations using text evidence and taking the initiative to keep the dialogue focused… It was also great to see students providing their peers with feedback.”

(Thank you to Mr. Martin, Mrs. Osinski, and Mrs. Lintner for also passing by!)

Students: If you could please take the time to answer this quick survey about the Socratic Seminar process, I would appreciate it.

Today we are finishing our A Separate Peace unit with a summative exam.  Thank you for reading!

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