Art Assignments for the Week of May 4 – May 8

Many students joined google classroom. Thank you! Send me a picture of your artwork when you are done and upload it to google classrooom so you can receive credit for it. Do not turn in your assignment before you send a picture of it. I am sharing a video on google classrom with the assignment showing you how to upload a picture.

Also, I accept work if you send it to my email at or Classdojo.

Please do the assignments for your grade level only if your google classroom has more than one grade in it. The assignment of this week is due May 10th.

5th grade: Practice drawing an Op Art heart for Mother’s Day using lines and patterns.

How to draw an Op heart
How to Daw Bulging Heart Tutorial

4th grade: Practice drawing and shading an OP Art Heart for mother’s day.

How to Draw an Op Art Heart
How to Shade Op Art Heart.

Third grade: Practice drawing a card for Mother’s Day

How to Make a Card for Mother’s Day

2nd grade: How to draw a rose for Mother’s Day.

Here is a picture of a rosse to help you draw it.

First grade: Practice drawing a tulip in a pot for Mother’s Day.

This is a picture of the tulip in the pot to help you draw it.

Kindergarten: Practice drawing a tulip for Mother’s Day.

This is the image of the tulip to help you draw it.
How to Draw a Tulip for Mother’s Day

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