Art Assignments for the Week of April 27-May 1

Send me a picture of your artwork when you are done so you can receive credit for it.

You may send it to my email at

Please do not worry about the previous asssignments.

kindergarden: Practice drawing a ladybug using lines and shapes

How to Draw a Ladybug

1st grade: Practice drawing a butterfly using lines and shapes.

How to draw a butterfly step by step.

2nd grade: Practice drawing a dragonfly using shapes and lines.

How to draw a dragonfly step by step.
Video showing how to draw a dragonfly.

Third grade: Practice drawing a rocket using lines and shapes.

4th grade: Practice drawing an op art design using lines and patterns.

A and B pattern
Op Art Tutorial
Op art design with black and white

5th grade: Practice drawing an Op art sphere using patterns.

Op Art: Patterns on the sphere

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