Art Assignments for the Week of May 11 – May 15

Many students joined google classroom. Thank you! I wil include the codes for the google classrooms for Miller Elementary so you still have a chance to join.

Mrs,.Kazan 4th grade : utggdrz

Mrs. Silva: 2nweqzs

Mrs. Beydoun:  sfeipfe

Mrs. Traicoff:  3afdg3o

Mr. Duering:  ktk7wq2

Mrs. Zastrow:  w2v67w7

Mrs. Alsabahi:  osaphey

Mr. Hammoud: ehjq34e

Mrs. Moukalled:  ehhna6c

Mrs. Kazan 3rd grade: epenwsb

Third-Second -First- Kindergarten: epenwsb

I will list the codes for Maples Elementary google classrooms so students will have a chance to join.

2nd Grade:  yxfkf6w

1st grade:  cwvwupd

Kindergarten:  t7gohhr

Send me a picture of your artwork when you are done and upload it to google classrooom so you can receive credit for it. Do not turn in your assignment before you send a picture of it. Many students are turning in the assignmnet without attachment. I need to see the picture in order to grade. I am sharing a video on google classrom with the assignment showing you how to take a picture and upload it. Your participation counts.

Also, I accept work if you send it to my email at or Classdojo.

Please, include the name of the student and the teacher’s name when you share a picture of the artwork by email.

Please do the assignments for your grade level only if your google classroom has more than one grade in it. The assignment of this week is due May 18, 2020. I accept late work.

This week, third, 4th and 5th grades students are going to draw and color a Wayne Thibaud inspired cake. First and second grades students will be drawing a three dimensional cake.

Kindergarten classes will be drawing and coloring a butterfly.

4th – 5th grades: Practice drawing Wayne Thibaud inspired cake.

Biography: Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects—pies, lipsticks, paint cans, ice cream cones, pastries, and hot dogs—as well as for his landscapes and figure paintings. Wikipedia
-Follow the cake drawing instruction to draw a cake missing a slice.
-Add lines and patterns to decorate and color your cake.
-Draw a plate or a cake stand under the cake.
-You may add more layers to your cake if you want to.

Cakes with different layers
Instructions on how to add lines and patterns
How to Draw a cake with a Slice Missing Tutorial
Yayne Thiebaud Cake Tutorial

Video for 4th and 5th Grades

How to draw a Wayne Thiebaud Cake Step by Step

Third grade: Draw a Wayne Thiebaud cake.

How to Draw a Cake Step by Step
Cake Drawing Step by Step
How to Draw a Cake in Six Easy Steps

First and Second Grade : Draw a three dimensional cake using lines, shapes and patterns.

How to draw a three dimensional cake
Three dimenstional cake with shapes, lines and patterns

kindergarten: Draw a butterfly using the letter B.

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