Late Work Policy

Miss, will you accept my late work??

I will not take points off of assignments that are submitted late. The benefit of this is that if you need another day or two, you got it. Don’t worry about messaging me to let me know that it is late or to ask permission. Sounds good, right? It is. 

What if you need more than a few days? 

Well, it usually takes me a few days (or more sometimes) to assess and grade an assignment, I use this information to plan what we will do next in class and how we will do it. So once I have finished grading the assignment and it has been entered into the gradebook, I will no longer accept that work. Here’s why: that work has already been assessed and a plan to process it has been made. Going back to that work is irrelevant to the progress of our class and you will have more opportunities to show mastery of that skill in the future. It creates a lot of extra work for me and is not useful for you. 

An important note:

If you were absent, It is important that you do your best to keep up with your work. Because you are absent, you’ll be given some extra time to do the work, but that does not mean you are excused from the work. If I don’t have your work, I can’t grade it. If you come to me weeks or months after the day you were absent or the score’s entry into the gradebook to ask why that grade is missing, it will be too late and the grade will stand.

Once a grade is entered and visible in student and parent connect, it is locked. 

So, that’s the deal. You get extra time, and I don’t drown in late work. Sound good? I think so.